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If only

It is only day two of the election campaign and already we have the debate descending into trivialities.

It is now being reported that Ed Miliband is giving his opinion that the next James Bond should be a woman and informing us all about his latest ‘likes’ in popular music.

Decrying the fact that politics is centering around the main combatants for the office of Prime Minister, Miliband states that that is wrong as it should be about the British people and continuing that, as a politician, if you are in the public eye you have to take the brickbats.

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CIB Rally

For those who may be unaware, but interested, the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB) are holding a rally on 11th April; venue: Emmanuel Centre, Upper Hall, 9-23 Marsham Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3DW – 2.15pm to 5pm with a cash wine and beer bar 5pm to 6pm.

Introduced by George West (President CIB) the meeting will be chaired by Petrina Holdsworth (CIB) and speakers comprising Edward Spalton (CIB), John Mills (Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign, Robert Oulds (Bruges Group and Simon Richards (Freedom Association)

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We’re off!

Those who will not reason, are bigots; those who cannot, are fools; and those who dare not, are slaves.
George Gordon Byron

The General Election Game has officially begun – and we are supposed to be enthused with a process culminating in the election of our next government which, once we have elected same, over whom we will have absolutely no control whatsoever? We are supposed to be enthused by a process involving political parties calling their opponents liars which encapsulates nothing but claim and counter-claim? We are supposed to be enthused with a process in which ‘matters du jour’ will not actually be discussed for our benefit, but purely for the benefit of the participants involved in this game?

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Heads & Brickwalls

Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.
Lysander Spooner

Owen Paterson has been attempting to show the Americans that Brexit does not mean the end of the UK – far from it. Unfortunately, it will no doubt become apparent that, like those of us with similar views, Paterson is banging his head against the proverbial brick wall.

When the current debate about this country’s membership of the EU is considered, it is odd that the one argument currently used to continue our membership is an economic one, whereas when the UK joined what was then the European Economic Community (EEC) the argument was a political one; based on the idea that the diplomatic gains would outweigh the economic costs.

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Both the MPs and the think tank need ‘Reform’

The most dangerous ideas are not those that challenge the status quo. The most dangerous ideas are those so embedded in the status quo, so wrapped in a cloud of inevitability, that we forget they are ideas at all.
Jacob M. Appel, Phoning Home: Essays

Graham Brady has an article in the Speccie, one which highlights a paper published by Reform; an, in their own words, independent think tank.  It is extremely difficult to know where to begin critiquing both Brady’s Foreward; and those of Brake and Flynn – let alone the Reform paper itself, without repeating everything I have ever written on the subject of democracy,representative  democracy and the deficits therein; and the supposed intelligence of MPs (something Flynn reckons there is a great depth thereof in Parliament).

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Another point of view

…………as Winston Churchill put it, democracy is a political system for all, created by everyone together and by each person individually.

The same is true of direct democracy in Switzerland. It is not something that is given, or that just fell out of the sky. It is a very precious and important achievement, which requires daily care and attention, and the more people take part in democratic processes, the better for society as a whole.

…….democracy is all around us……….

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My apologies to readers for the paucity of posting but now that I have ‘other responsibilities’ there are some initial pressing matters that are, perforce, taking up my time.

There will most definitely be a post or two tomorrow.

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You started thinking, Janan – finish thinking!

Janan Ganesh, writing in the Financial Times, appears to have come round to the idea that in order to solve the growing devolution ‘crisis’ within the United Kingdom some form of ‘federalism’ is needed to keep it ‘united’ – and the immediate question one has to ask is just what took him so long. Such a solution has been in existence, for what seems like ‘yonks’ now, with The Harrogate Agenda.

Writing about how one man (Salmond) could assume the role of ‘kingmaker’ and, in effect, become ‘king’, not dependent on the political colour of any government, can only serve to illustrate just how our present system of democracy is not fit for purpose; and that the greasy pole has many branches.

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Cameron/Clarkson – what a democratic mess

On the BBC news this evening David Cameron, when questioned about the ‘Clarkson/Top Gear’ fiasco, stated that he did not wish to become involved in the ‘running of the BBC’ (readers can go find the link – do I have to everything round here? I jest, naturally).

But consider: were Clarkson, who lives lives in Chipping Norton (which is part of Cameron’s Witney constituency), to seek a meeting with his MP alleging victimisation resulting in his loss of earnings and asking for help, then Cameron would of necessity have to become involved with the running of the BBC.

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Browned off

To say that I am ‘browned off‘ with the continual misinformation that the pro-EU side promulgate in their attempts to ‘skew’ the argument about the pros and cons of EU membership, come any referendum is, to say the least, an understatement.

This is not just because of Gordon Brown’s latest article which appears in the Guardian, one about which the Guardian maintains contains an ‘intellectual’ argument. Intellectual – my ****; it contains so many errors of fact that it is not worthy of the term. Regular readers will know only to well the errors to which I refer, that it is therefore unnecessary to repeat them. In any event, in respect of the ‘3 million jobs’ meme ,not only have I written many times on this falsehood but a new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) shows that it is not correct.

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