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The Forgotten Factor?

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

In a comment on this article one commenter made the point that whenever The Harrogate Agenda is mentioned on this blog, it is not long before Confucius also gets mentioned; so I thought I would do likewise,  but I digress – although only slightly.

Whilst on the subject of The Harrogate Agenda, the same commenter, who is fond of quoting Confucius asked, in that same article and repeated same in an email to me, If you are party to a secret formula for the advancement of THA, which you say you support, then why not act on it and share it. As the question was originally posed in a public forum (see link above), I have responded within that forum. Digressing slightly (as is my wont), those readers who have migrated to ScribblingsfromSeaham from WitteringsfromWitney may have noticed that my blogging output has decreased somewhat. As in a marriage or group, when one is informed that one is not wanted, is it any wonder that interest in the relationship decreases considerably; especially when it is realised that the marriage or group in question only came into existence though ones own initiative.

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Circles in a spiral, wheels within a wheel

Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning on an ever-spinning reel
The Windmills Of Your Mind – Alan Bergman, Michel Jean Legrand

Richard North writes about the ‘sharp practice’ (although I would have used a stronger phrase) of Andrew Lilico and Matthew Sinclair when they pass comment on David Cameron’s renegotiation of this country’s memberhip of the European Union.

What we witness with Lilico and Sinclair is no different to that witnessed in the utterings of any europhile; namely blatant misrepresentation of the subject matter exemplified by a complete (deliberate?) lack of knowledge. The article to which Richard North links amounts to another, not very subtle, attempt to influence the outcome of the impending referendum on EU membership.

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For Heffer and Heffer: Amen – I hope not……..

Writing in the Telegraph on Sunday, Simon Heffer states: Tories must demand the truth about the EU  – The renegotiation of membership terms with the EU is an illusion. Conservatives must hold David Cameron to account. In this article he homes in on Andrew Lansley’s assertion that Cameron will ‘engineer’ a row with his fellow heads of state, the necessity for which is to allow him to point to “victories” he has won after standing up to them, thus enabling him to encourage a vote to stay in the EU. On this point, Heffer writes: The very idea makes a number of frankly unpleasant assumptions: that the British public are so thick they would be taken in by it, that Tory MPs are so craven that they would play along with it, and that ministers are so venal in their ambition that they would not raise the slightest protest at their collective responsibility for such deceit.

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Hang on, When spake the Electoral Commission?

Open Europe state, in today’s press summary, that: The Sunday Times reported that the EU referendum ‘No’ campaign is in talks with at least eight cabinet ministers about joining the call for withdrawal. Leaked documents show that the campaign’s chief executive will be Matthew Elliott, the founder of the Business for Britain group. The director of operations will be Victoria Woodcock, Michael Gove’s former private secretary, while Georgiana Bristol, a fundraiser for Boris Johnson’s 2008 London mayoral campaign, will be development director.

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‘Brown’ing an electorate?

Gordon Brown has made his first intervention in the Labour leadership contest and told the party it has an “obligation” to select somebody who can lead it back into power (source). His unedited speech:

Whether his speech is ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ Corbyn, I leave readers to form their own opinion – on what I believe all readers will agree: it was an impassioned speech, although those of the right will undoubtedy be able to pick holes galore in the content.

Gordon Brown spoke of many things, among which:

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Well, ’tis the silly season……..

The following letter has come to my attention which begs the question of just how much we taxpayers shell out (sorry, have forcibly extracted from our pockets) for highly intelligent local authority staff?


If, as the letter states, it is believed the addressee no longer lives at the property just what is the point of writing to them there? It should also be noted that one of the first things the addressee did on moving was to register for inclusion on the electoral role, citing her new address, which was also in the county of Durham.

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A unintentional message?

As a bit of light relief from the woes of the world , an example – as we are officially in the ‘Silly Season’ – of what one might call a counter-productive slogan.

We all believe – and the RSPCA would have us so believe – that their raison d’être is the care and safety of animals – so does their branch in Bury really mean what it says?

Now, had they added an apostrophe ‘s’…………….


(Photograph from the Bury Times)

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A Conundrum – Why do we all have ‘rights’?


Or, come to that, other ‘must haves’?

A tenant living in one of the properties I am currently managing, who is months behind with rent payments, cannot afford £10 pounds from his unemployment benefit to top up his mobile and thus be able to access his voice mail and thus know that people wish to speak to him. By his own admission, one week after receiving his monthly cheque from Universal Credit, he has to ‘borrow from his friend’s’. So why are we handing out money to those with no sense of financial control?

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These ‘Talking Heads’ appear to be brainless

In his ‘Whats up, whats down’ daily email, Matthew Elliot wrote on the 31st July edition: Nigel Farage announced yesterday that UKIP would from September be launching a major grassroots push for a ‘No’ vote in the forthcoming EU referendum. Speaking in London, the UKIP leader pledged to hold hundreds of public meetings and “take the lead on the ground” in the run up to the vote. Elsewhere in his speech, Mr Farage also called for the ‘No’ campaign to focus on the issue of free movement of labour within the EU, saying the issue of “open borders” could not be ignored. The UKIP leader criticised the lack of scrutiny of the Prime Minister’s renegotiation plan and lack of preparations for a ‘No’ campaign, despite the evidence that both are happening at the highest levels. (Emphasis mine)

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Swings and roundabouts

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.
Benjamin Franklin

Boy, do the majority of our political elite and the media work extremely hard to remain stupid.

Richard North has written (as usual) a well thought out article based on fact about the underlying reasons for the situation in Calais; which makes all the more a mockery of the interview Harriet Harman gave to the BBC on the subject. Then we have the likes of Nigel Farage giving us his twopenneth on the subject; which begs the question just how can one be an MEP or MP for a great number of years and work so hard to remain stupid. Where stupidity is concerned, it is exemplified in Harman’s statement: ….I mean, if there was an OfGov this government would be in special measures……; because OfGov does in fact exist and comprises the people who, unfortunately, under representative democracy are powerless and thus ignored. Needless to say in Switzerland OfGov does exist because in that country it is the people who are able to control both their local and national governments.

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