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A letter to the Telegraph

The following has been submitted to the letters editor of the Telegraph:

Dear Sirs,

With reference to the recent article by John Springford, which contained many untruths; and in which the Daily Telegraph failed to point out that the author’s employer, the Centre for European Reform, was routinely receiving operating grants from the EU; I have to question the impartiality of your newspaper where ‘unbiased news’ is concerned.

That such ‘untruths’ are becoming particularly more common every day, by those that would have this nation remain a member of the European Union, is regrettable; especially as he who would have us believe he has our best interests at heart, lays himself open to the charge of having misled those for whom he professes to speak.

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Déjà vu?

I note that there are calls for federalism to be introduced in the United Kingdom, while Jeremy Corbyn states that ‘… set the terms for the people in power over you, and you dismiss them when they fail you. That’s what democracy is about….‘ – although for someone who would have us believe he is his own man it seems he is not above using parts of a speech written four years previously for someone else (but I digress).

Here we have two people talking through their lower orifice as what they are proposing is firstly, federalism based on the same central control – albeit at a lower level – and secondly, the terms for the people in power over you cannot be set when the people have to sign up to certain assumptions and attitudes beforehand (see preceding article).

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Whose life is it?

Maybe we need to ask precisely what elected governments are for in modern Europe, and whether a population has to sign up to certain assumptions and attitudes before it is entitled to democratic government.
Janet Daley

While the media have been involved in matters immigration and Corbyn; and the blogoshere involved in matters referendum (EU), little noticed it seems has been taken of a debate that took place in the House of Commons on the subject of assisted dying. The Bill in question will not progress any further, after MPs voted 330 to 118 against giving it a second reading. Isabel Hardman has, in my opinion, a good article in respect of the HoC debate but unfortunately misses the point of the question which forms the title to this article.

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The blind leading the blind?

 Survation are showing a lead for ‘Leave’, on EU membership, for the first time since November 2014. Yet how can one rely on opinion polls on this matter when it is doubtful those questioned know anything about the reasons for leaving or even remaining. That question is asked as even those supposedly in the know appear not to know.

A few days ago I became involved in a twitter exchange – on a twitter account I no longer use (and how that happened I know not, but I digress) with a Ukip parliamentary and european parliament candidate. The point of this post is not to ‘knock’ Ukip specifically (although the temptation is great) but to illustrate the question raised in the first paragraph.

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