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If the deal is good enough, I’ll take it.

So is reported the words of David Cameron in respect of his ‘renegotiations’ on the UK’s membership of the European Union. The full statement reads: I can’t be certain we’ll get there in February (in respect of agreement on his ‘reform agenda/negotiations’ at the next EU Heads of State Council) ,” he said. “If there’s a good enough deal on the table that meets all of the concerns the British people have – cutting the bureaucracy, getting out of ever closer union, making sure this is an organisation for those not in the euro, making sure we take the pressure off our borders and we have a system where people have to pay in before they get out – if all of those things are put in place, if the deal is good enough, I’ll take it. If it’s not, I won’t.

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Dynastic Rule

William Hague writes in the Telegraph posing the question whether extremists are one crisis away from power – or to put it another way, whether the ‘chosen’ might be in danger of losing power. So those ‘related’ to past political leaders have an automatic right to power? I think not – and therein lies the problem with democracy as we now suffer it.

Whether ‘dynastic rule’ is hereditary or by ‘annointment’  matters not – here in the United Kingdom we have both. It is only necessary to consider the sons of MPs securing safe parliamentary seats (Straw/Kinnock, to name but two examples) or a prime minister ‘working’ to ensure his ‘office’ is handed to another (Cameron/Osborne).

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A rose by any other name

Part of the dialogue spoken by Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, a phrase nowadays used to imply  that the name of something or someone does not reflect what they really are.

Unless, of course, you are a ‘rose’ by the name of Stuart; who, it seems, is unable to recall the name of the movement of which he is the ‘head’ – or who thinks that a campaign group which wishes to promote the case for remaining in the European Union should not include ‘the people’.

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Uniform Krap Information Party – aka Ukip

Jill Seymour, Ukip MEP, has published this on her website under the headline: First vacuum cleaners, now the EU targets oven gloves! In the article she castigates the European Commission,writing: I think it is ridiculous that oven gloves will now be subject to the same safety checks that Hard Hats and Safety Goggles go through; adding: Forcing businesses who manufacture oven gloves to go through this extra level of bureaucracy is ridiculous, this will add an extra cost to the manufacturing process and ultimately it will be the public who will have to pay, as businesses cannot afford to absorb these extra costs.

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The Red Door

Paraphrasing Frankie Vaughan, just what is the problem with red doors – and just what is going on behind them?

A national newspaper broke this story and MPs promptly found something to occupy their  time, which compared to more impotant matters confronting our country – lack of democracy; MPs whose behaviour and lifestyle causes concern to those of us who pay them; whose careers seem to matter far more than their concern for our country and its indigenuous population – is but trivia. For a ‘local’ report on this, try here.

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The ‘news du jour’ is, undoubtedly, the European Union, the UK’s membership thereof, of which much is written and said about democracy; and the forthcoming referendum.

Consequently, an article which appeared under the name of Quentin Letts appears to have passed with little, if any, comment. Being Letts, it was written with a tad of ‘tongue in cheek’; but at the same time contained pertinent points where democracy is concerned.

When snakes shed their skins they tend to do a lot of forked-tongue waving. They wriggle. During that awkward between-skins period they are vulnerable to attack, so may hide behind stones. The spectacle of a skin-shedding, though a marvel of nature, can be slightly disgusting. No doubt a snake would say ‘it’s just a packaging issue, old boy’.

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Important Notice

It appears that my email address has been hacked – please ignore any messages stating I am in Cyprus and asking for help with money. Likewise please ignore any further emails from me until further notice. I will advise a new email address in due course.

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BBC Bias

Following the latest article from Richard North in respect of a programme recently broadcast on Radio 4, ‘hosted’ by Carolyn Quinn, advance notice is hereby given that I shall be submitting a complaint to the BBC regarding the paucity of the content, coupled with the ineptitude of Quinn in dealing with what is undoubtedly the most important decision the people of our nation have been asked to decide.

Due to other pressing matters with which I have to deal, this may take 2/3 days to submit; however a copy of my complaint will appear on this blog following said submission.

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Cameron lies again!

Readers will be only to aware that I have, in the past, attempted to hold David Cameron to account, in the politest sense possible, of being economical with the actualité. The time has come to withdraw politeness – the man is a liar.

Today, following his statement to the House of Commons on the subject of the last European Council meeting, the following exchanges took place – source is Hansard.

Mr Chuka Umunna (Streatham) (Lab):

Many of those who argue for us to leave the European Union suggest that we could continue to be part of the single market without having to abide by any of the obligations that go with it. Does the Prime Minister know of any non-EU states that enjoy free trade with the single market but are not part of the free movement that goes with it?

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A question or two, Mr. Cameron

Today I received an email from our Revered (not) Leader which I reproduce:

It’s a New Year. And with our economy growing and a strong Conservative majority Government in power, Britain begins it with renewed strength.

For me there are no New Year’s resolutions, just an ongoing resolve to deliver what our party promised in our manifesto. Security – at every stage of your life.

To do this, I need your support.

Over 31 million people will begin the year in work – more than any in our history. And from April, more than half a million working people will be taken out of income tax – and the new National Living Wage will be introduced for everyone over the age of 25.

Meanwhile, millions more will benefit from the new academies, 30 hours of free childcare, rising pensions and extra apprenticeships that we committed to in our manifesto.

And, by building 200,000 Starter Homes, we’ll help even more hardworking people enjoy the security of owning their own home.

As we set out on our journey to build that greater Britain and deliver real security for working people, your support is crucial.

Please donate today, and together we’ll deliver a brighter future for families all across Britain.

Best wishes, and happy New Year,

By clicking on the link one finds the donation is not to the country but to the Conservative Party. Were the donation intended ‘for the country’ one would be permitted to ask why, especially as we all feel the level of taxation, extracted from us by force and under penalty of imprisonment if we decline, is quite high enough (in any case, on this subject what about the argument for ‘Referism‘, a demand repeated in The Harrogate Agenda – Article 5?). As the requested donation is for the Conservative Party one is forced to ask how donating to the political party currently in power will assist in their governance of our country?

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