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When David Cameron said ‘he ruled nothing out’….

….did we realise what it meant?

I wonder how many of the electorate saw Hardtalk, aired on 24th February 2016, which was quite an ‘insightful’  interview of Martin Schulz conducted by Sarah Montague.

Perhaps the most telling comment from Martin Schulz comes (@11:29) when Schulz states:  For the first time a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is fighting for Europe and the European Union; this is progress in itself.

For one who has stated that he believes in the United Kingdom, it then begs the question why is he fighting for the European Union?

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Politicisation of the Civil Service

Richard North has commented on David Cameron’s response to the question posed at last Wednesday’s PMQs by Owen Paterson.

I totally agree with the views expressed by Richard North; and would add the following:

1. Civil Servants are Crown employees and not employees of Parliament, the Prime Minister, or politicians generally – and thus should and must remain neutral in any matters affecting our nation.

2. I would refer readers to a speech given on 16 October 2014 at Tsinghua University, Beijing by Martin Donnelly, the Permanent Secretary of Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS); one entitled: Positive Neutrality and Trust – the policy role of a permanent civil service. From this speech:

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Dear Mr. Cameron (3)

Readers will recall that I wrote to David Cameron in an effort to chase an email previously sent to which I had not received a response. It will also be recalled that I enlisted the help of my constituency Member of Parliament, Grahame Morris, in this regard.

A response has been received, if one can, by any stretch of the imagination, call it that:

10 Downing Street

As stated in my corresponence to David Cameron, the leader of any political party standing in a general election is not only asking the electorate to accept him as a Member of Parliament but also as Prime Minister. Consequently I maintain any Prime Minister has a duty to respond to any member of the electorate who interacts with him.

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There are barbs – and there are barbs

Where wounding barbs are concerned, one can usually rely on Jacob Rees-Mogg to be the deliverer of such. From Hansard:

It was very reassuring to hear my right hon. Friend the Foreign Secretary tell us earlier that he is a Eurosceptic and explain how successful the renegotiations were from his Eurosceptic ivory tower. That is encouraging, but I thought it might be worth looking at what the renegotiations achieved compared with what Her Majesty’s Government set out. In the Conservative party manifesto, it was “an absolute requirement”, according to the opening of the paragraph, that child benefit not be given to anybody whose children are living abroad. It seems to me that that has not been achieved, so our Eurosceptic Foreign Secretary has failed in that regard.

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A Question:

There has been much ‘discussion’ about the fact that David Cameron has ‘ruled’ that those members of the Cabinet who are agin membership of the EU in the forthcoming referendum should not be allowed access to government papers to further their case.

 Leaving to one side that they are also members of the electorate, this begs the question why should those who, whilst being members of the government, be denied the information that is available to those who agree with him?

Just where is the difference twixt the two if democracy is to mean owt? Come to that, why should ‘we plebs’ also be denied that information if we are to make an informed decision?

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End of the line? It would appear not.

Following this article, the comments received (bar one, the originator of which appears to have only one brain cell – and that, unfortunatley, appears not to be in full working order), coupled with the emails that I have had in support, means that this blog will be continuing to air its views.

Readers may well understand the despondency I felt that, along with other bloggers, our views were being ignored especially by the political class, the sycophantic followers of the former and the media; and thus had no way in which they could be publicy aired.

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End of the line

(video included only because I like the song)

Yesterday I wrote that where democracy is concerned, this country is ‘procreated’- which, without doubt, it is.

Having watched Marr this morning and seen David Cameron maintain that black is white while Marr sat there doing his usual soft-pedalling act makes me think that we have come to the end of the line where truth, honesty and principle are concerned.

What we are obviously faced with during the next 4 months is both sides of the EU referendum question dealing in propaganda, while ya-booing at each other. Let us not forget that propaganda is but a means of communication, often biased or misleading in nature, aimed at influencing and altering the attitude of a population toward some cause, position or political agenda – and by heaven, have not  our political class and their sycophants turned it into an ‘art form’.

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The Day of Reckoning……

….will be, so we are informed today, Thursday 23rd June 2016; at which time the people of our nation will be allowed to decide the future direction of travel of their nation.

As matters stand – and unless they change – the people will be casting their vote based on no knowledge of the facts due to the efforts of the political class to hide said facts; aided and abetted by an unknowing and compliant media.

David Cameron has lied to me and in so doing lied to the British people, as on every occasion I have tackled him directly the relevant correspondence has been published on this blog – and its predecessor Witterings from Witney.

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Martin ‘Schulz’ himself in the foot?

Together, possibly, with the arguments of the ‘Remain’ campaign who continually maintain that if the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union it would become ‘impotent’ on the world stage?

Speaking to the European Council ahead of its meeting today Schulz said, amongst other things: With its foreign policy experience and clout, its open market policies and its trade and counter-terrorism track record, your country, Prime Minister Cameron, brings a lot to the table. Leaving to one side the point that the ‘table’ about which he speaks is not the ‘top table’, one has to question his reasoning.

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The ever tightening noose of political integration?

Not much, if anything, seems to have attracted comment, whether in the British media or blogosphere, on the reported aims of the EU where energy contracts are concerned. Not that this is ‘news’, being the intention was brought to our notice a year ago.

It will not have escaped those readers with intelligence that the EurActiv report mentions ‘energy contracts’, which presumably covers any contract besides that affecting gas.

Yet the foundation of the EU is democracy – to be precise representative democracy.

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