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The people are mere ‘spectators’

Where the forthcoming referendum is concerned, the title of this article has never been truer. The latest ‘tittle-tattle’ that journalism has produced is the offering from James Forsyth in the Speccie Coffee House blog.

Just why does either ‘campaign’ need to be led by a political figure or anyone connected with the establishment? Just when will journalists recognise and accept that the whole idea of a referendum is that it is supposed to be the people’s choice – and in order for them to make that choice all they need is the facts pro and anti membership of the EU? Just when will journalists, in pushing for one ‘campaign’ or another, be ‘open’and in the case of Forsyth admit that the commissioning editor of his article is married to the campaign director of Vote_Leave?

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When (if only) the people are ‘king’

I note that the people of Switzerand are shortly to vote on four matters:

  • the deportation of convicted foreigners
  • ban financial speculation with foodstuffs
  • to introduce tax breaks for families; and:
  • challenge a decision to build another road tunnel through the central Swiss Alps.

If only we, the people of the United Kingdom, had the ability to decide that which should happen within our own country – but we could, with the introduction of direct democracy.

In effect, through direct democracy the people of Switzerland have the power to solve the equivalent, for them, of our dilemmas about HS2; the waste of public money in keeping those we don’t want; how our taxes should be spent on something over which we have no control; and lastly the price of our food caused by the intervention of others.

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Dear Mr. Cameron (2)

Following the first article in this series readers will recall that I had also emailed my constituency Member of Parliament, Grahame Morris (Labour – Easington) asking for his assistance on this matter. It should also be mentioned that I took the opportunity in that email to make the point that it was depressing that not one Member of Parliament raised the concerns I had expressed; which begs the question whether they are all bereft of knowledge where ‘matters EU’ are concerned.

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Here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into !

A catchphrase of Laurel and Hardy – but on whom does the blame lie?

We have a report that Jeremy Corbyn will not be proposing Jack Straw for a knighthoood or peerage. This has, we are led to believe, something to do with the fact that Straw and Rifkind were caught in a ‘sting’ by Channel 4, leaving to one side any ‘matters rendition’.

Stop for one moment and consider: Why do party leaders have the right to ‘enoble’ those who have worked in public life when the costs of said enoblement will not be paid by them? Why should whoever is Prime Minister have the right to have a hand in deciding who should become the head of a charity or some government funded advisory body? Why should that same person be able to set up an advisory body and appoint its head? Should not those that provide said funding be entitled to a voice in those decisions – after all it is their (taxpayers) money that provides that funding?

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Cameron – the Master of Fraction

The master of fraction (mixing fact with fiction) – aka David Cameron – has been honing his skills again today where the subject of the Treaty of Touquet is concerned.

Letting it be known that Brexit would mean migrant camps would have to be set up in south eastern England as the French would terminate the aforementioned treaty as the UK would no longer be a member of the EU, is not strictly true.

Justifying his comment, Cameron is quoted as sayingThere are any number of opposition politicians in France who would love to tear up the excellent agreement we have with France to make sure that we have our borders on their side of the Channel – I don’t think we should give those politicians any excuse to do that……..If we can get this deal in Europe, if we can get this renegotiation fixed and we can stay in a reformed Europe, you know what you get. You know the borders stay in Calais. (see video)

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Dear Mr. Cameron

The following has been forwarded to our Prime Minister  by first class post, recorded delivery.

Prime Minister & First Lord of the Treasury,
10 Downing Street,

Dear Mr. Cameron,

A couple of months ago I emailed you, via your Constituency Secretary, explaining that I had moved from your constituency to that of Easington (Grahame Morris – Labour); but that as I  considered having become Prime Minister of our nation you are answerable to any member of the electorate, I hoped for a response. Your Constituency Secretary, in her reply, wished me well in my move and advised that as she could only deal with your constituents she had passed my email to ‘Number 10’ for a reply.  Needlessly – and sadly – to say, I am unable to trace receipt of any such reply.

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Why, if we have democracy?

I have lost count  of members of the political class – and political commentators – who I have taken to task, both in person and on twitter and suggested they may wish to debate with me. Needess to say, not one such invitatation has been accepted; indeed not one decline, just silence.

Richard North, having been invited to appear before the Environmental Audit Committee, is informed just minutes prior to the hearing commencing, that his presence is not wanted due to ‘allegations’ about his internet activity.

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Oh no, he hasn’t!

Dan Hodges has this article in the Telegraph, one in which he mantains that Cameron has finally called the Eurosceptics bluff. Really?

To paraphrase Hodges: those political commentators: all mouth and no lederhosen! If Hodges and his ilk knew owt about the matters on which they pontificate he would not write the crap he does!  Since when did Liam Fox know owt about matters EU?

Hodges reckons Cameron has, with his renogiation, said: here is the deal – back it or oppose it. What deal? If Hodges had any knowledge of ‘matters EU’ he would know that there is no deal –  all we are getting is that which the EU, in their beneficence, will allow us.

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Cameron lies again – when will his pants catch fire?

Today in the House of Commons David Cameron excelled himself in the noble art of being as thick as pig’s excrement – either that or, where matters EU are concerned, he’s a slice short of a loaf.

He maintained that Norway pays more per head to the EU than does the UK (in answer to a question from Philip Davies- Con, Shipley) when this article shows that is not the case.

In answer to a question from Jack Dromey about the need to remain in the EU where the automotive industry is concerned, Cameron replied that it is relevant to the issue of the standards set in Europe and our being a rule maker and not a rule taker, which is very important for our auto industry. Standards are not set by the EU, standards are set by UN bodies and where the automotive industry is concerned standards are set by WP.29, part of UNECE. As for our being a ‘rule maker and not a rule taker’ the mind can but boggle at his thought processes!

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And so the FUD continues………

Readers of this blog may wonder at the paucity of output, compared to the days of Witterings from Witney, but if truth were known I have reached the stage of being ‘bored’ with repeating the same old rebuttal of reasons why it is necessary for the United Kingdom to sever its connection with the European Union – especially when, in the end, I am but preaching to the ‘converted’. That is not to say I ‘disparage’ those that do – in fact I can but ‘take off my hat’ to them for their perseverence. Those of us who blog on ‘matters EU’ find that what we say reaches a limited audience, in that we are completely ignored by the media – to which one has to ask: why?

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