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Fluff for brains

We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.
Santosh Kalwar (Quote Me Everyday)

No brain at all, some of them, only grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake, and they don’t think.
A.A. Milne (The House at Pooh Corner)

When we look at the views of our current crop of politicians and those of most political commentators where Brexit is concerned, both quotes are pertinent.

Supposedly politicians are elected to represent our views and therefore it is not unreasonable to expect them to know about that which they have to consider as part of their duties. If only that were the case, because from what we have seen so far one could be forgiven for thinking they have no brain at all; that part of their body just being composed of fluff and thus, consequently, they have no power of thought.

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Talking Heads

Theresa May has had a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon at Bute House in Edinburgh during which the two leaders discussed the Brexit process and its implications for the future of the Union.

It appears that Prime Minister May seemed in conciliatory mood, stating that she is willing to listen to options and had been very clear with the First Minister today that she wanted the Scottish government to be fully engaged in the discussion, Meanwhile, in contrast, Nicola Sturgeon appeared in combative mood by stating that Westminster would not be able to block a referendum if it was demanded by the Scottish people; coupled with the fact it is well known that she has begun talks  about how to keep Scotland inside the EU, given a majority of its population voted Remain in the recent referendum.

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A waste of time and money?

It is noted that a debate is to be held by MPs on 5th September in Westminster Hall to discuss whether the referendum to leave the European Union should be re-run. The petition calling for a re-run attracted 4.1m signatures, it is reported, having been started by one William Oliver Healey who maintains that it is necessary for any referendum to be valid it must attract a turnout of at least 75% and secure the agreement of at least 60% of the electorate.

It is also noted from the linked report that 77,000 signatures had been discounted after an investigation for fraud – which begs the question of how many of those signatures deemed lawful had actually voted in the referendum? A further question arises: if a petition reaches the required threshold why should politicians have the right to decide whether the subject matter should be debated? This but illustrates the control that our politicians have over us – they offer to open the door of democracy to us; and then slam it shut in our face. More importantly, when the European Referendum Act did not set a threshold for the result or minimum turnout; and when the debate does not have the power to change the law and will not result in the Commons voting on whether or not to hold a second referendum – just why is this debate being held?

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May the force be with you….

…..which it will be, especially when one’s career is at stake when a new overlord has manoeuvred his/her way to the top of the cesspool.

Yesterday began quietly, but with Leadsom’s announcement at about 12:15 one could say that ‘all hell broke loose’ and the force which galvanized behind May reminds one of the lyrics to 76 trombones, with Conservative MP after Conservative MP all seeking to catch her eye for a job in her administration, each adding to the growing cacophany. By late afternoon, when Cameron had endorsed his successor and set out a timetable for the handing over of power, an act which has no place in democracy, per se, had taken place.

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Just whose voice counts?

War will never cease until babies begin to come into the world with larger cerebrums and smaller adrenal glands.

Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.
Herbert Hoover

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F. Kennedy

To take those three quotes in order, a few thoughts:

  • Is it a characteristic of our political class that they are born of a genital deficiency and are thus  unable to acknowledge that which is readily available on the web – ie, FlexCit)? With all their talk about limiting immigration; just why are they so ‘blind’ to the ability, within the EEA, of invoking Article 112 of that agreement, so they can limit that and so much more?
  • Where the declaration of war is concerned, it appears that the perogative so to do lies with Parliament and thus our political class. This begs the question just who does the fighting and provides the funds – the 650 of our political class. or the people – whether that be those in the armed forces or those that provide, by means of taxation or contributions thereof? Therefore should not the decision and thus the agreement to declare war, lie with the people?
  • That once the idea of direct democracy becomes more widely known – and thus the benefits of same – whereby the people recognise their ability to control those who have held us in their ‘iron grip’, thus ‘turn the tables’; are not the 650 and their acolytes not making violent revolution inevitable? Are they so dense they have  forgotten the lessons of history – some of that quite recent?

Our political class – and their acolytes – appear to believe they have the right to decide, through our system of democratised dictatorship, the make-up of the society in which we, the people, wish to live. I say there is only one group that can decide that – and that is the indigenous people of the United Kingdom.

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Will no-one rid us of this troublesome class?

Paraphrasing Henry II – as is my wont.

As an initial aside, courtesy of Ian Parker-Joseph, it is noted that the Occidental College is offering a course  on stupidity – presumably all successful students graduate with a PPE?

That question is posed in view of the apparent scramble that is taking place among those of the Conservative, Labour and United Kingdom Independence Parties to become ‘top dog’ (or ‘top bitch’) of their respective fetid pile of unknowledgeable nonentities – all three hardly, at the moment, being united.

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Fish ( variety of) and other related matters – like sharks

Sturgeon is the common name for the 27 species of fish belonging to the family Acipenseridae and their evolution, so we are told, dates back to the Triassic, some 245 to 208 million years ago. Sturgeons are long-lived (where Nicola’s species is concerned: heaven forbid) and late-maturing (which is all too evident with her immature ideas).

Nicola Sturgeon, following the Brexit vote ‘beetled off’ (if a fish can imitate a beetle) to Brussels to attempt to cement, somehow, her wish to keep Scotland in the European Union, while asserting that a further referendum in Scotland would be held to enable Scotland’s cessation from the United Kingdom, a decision  based entirely on the votes cast in the referendum of 23rd June 2016.

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