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What have we, the people, allowed to happen

It would appear from this article that the supermarket Sainsbury is now  involved in a gender-shaming row as the supermarket investigates allegations that a cashier asked a boy why he had chosen a chocolate snack in pink wrapping rather than blue.

What we have here is either:

  • someone seeking their ’15 minutes of fame’; or,
  • someone seeking ‘compo’ for an alleged slight; or,
  • someone who has no idea of how to be a parent; or,
  • someone with no brain whatsoever.

We now have the producer of the chocolate snack, together with the supermarket, ‘covering their backs’ with a view to ensuring they do not become embroiled in a lengthy court case which may involve mega sums of money in legal fees and costs.

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The Pirates are coming – or so it seems………

A direct democracy driven political party may be on the cusp of achieving victory in Saturday’s Icelandic general election – and it didn’t even exist four years ago.

As the Washington Post reports, The Pirate Party do not wish to gain power – they wish to devolve power. They also believe that people want real changes and they understand that we have to change the systems by which governance is done.

Here in the United Kingdom four years ago a similar movement was born and has, unfortunately, done nothing to progress that movement (I won’t embarrass them by naming them) – in fact their only claim to fame has been to maintain their status as a ‘talking shop’.

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Direct Democracy Website

In order to keep followers of this website (and development of the new promised website) who are interested in the promotion of direct democracy, informed; please be aware ‘the build’ of the new website is progressing with all possible speed.

As the intention of this new website is to provide the progression of direct democracy; and for it to be ‘people led’, it will contain, what I believe to be, some innovative features that will allow the project to be ‘people led’; which, after all, was the original intention – before said original intention got ‘high-jacked’.

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The state in which the United Kingdom finds itself

……..and what a ‘state’ it is!

The reason for the parlous ‘state’ in which our nation finds itself can, in my opinion, be laid firmly at the door of ‘representative democracy’.

First, a few reasons for the preceding statement:

  • Representative democracy is but an alternative term for a dictatorship that has yet to emerge from the closet;
  • Representative democracy is ‘sold’ to us as government by the people, for the people; however, without the responsibility of the people and the involvement of the people what have you left? Just ‘government’;
  • Under representative democracy, elections may well determine which party is ‘in’ power; what they do not determine is how and what use is made of that power;
  • Representative democracy in the United Kingdom is to decide, once every few years, which ‘representatives’ of each political party will misrepresent the people in Parliament;
  • Representative democracy is simply totalitarianism by another name, one  that allows its electorate the illusion of having a voice in ‘matters du jour’;
  • Representative democracy is but a prison of our own making, one which forces us to agree to a government of our ‘choice’ to fight for their right to oppress us;
  • Representative democracy betrays the electorate especially when laws which the people must obey have no roots in them but in oligarchies – be those ‘home grown’ or of a ‘foreign’ origin.
  • Representative democracy only fosters an illusion of government by ‘representatives’; and that is not ‘government by, for, or of the people’; but instead produces conflicts of interest which result in an unstable balance of power, some of the power being held by unelected groups of those with other interests, one of which most definitely is not that of the people;
  • Just who  is an elected government that can decide it will not tolerate dissent from those who elected it?
  • Finally, to those wishing to overthrow their current tyrannical government and look with envy at the British system – is there much point in overthrowing that which you have only to replace it with yet another similar form of government?

Like many others, I will not stand by while democracy is trampled upon by politicians more concerned with amassing power for themselves than helping the people who elected them to Westminster in the first place. It should be recalled that democracy was born of philosophers – unfortunately, it has now been murdered by politicians.

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An addition to our family

This is Fizz, 9 weeks old, a  short-haired border collie who we collected yesterday – or she will be when she grows up.

At the moment all she is interested in is food or ‘cuddles and puddles’.


Afterthought: Oops, forgot to set the date on the camera………

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A ‘Catch 22’ Syndrome

Yesterday in the House of Commons we witnessed 650 supposedly wise people producing nothing but a great deal of debate hot air on the subject of parliamentary sovereignty, encapsulating the question of whether they had the right to have the definitive vote on the government’s plans for Brexit.

The fact that not one of the 650 appeared to have any idea of the detail about that which they pontificated on either sovereignty or Brexit can only underline the complaint that most of us have: just why the hell are they there?

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Hiatus (regarding blogging) (2)

To keep readers informed as to progress with the new site promoting direct democracy, it is hoped that it will ‘go live’ the week after next, Currently, final details in regard to presentation, etc, are being ‘ironed out’.

There is a definite need to progress the idea of direct democracy, especially as four years have been wasted since its ‘inception’ during which nothing but ‘talk’ has occurred – as those of us interested in direct democracy are only too aware. 

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Hiatus (regarding blogging)

To keep readers of this blog informed, articles may be a tad sparse for the next few days as I am in the process of drafting the introductory article for the new site which will be dedicated to the promotion of direct democracy.

I also have to discuss with my ‘techie’ (IP-J) matters in regard to logos and ‘mission statements’ which I wish to form part of the site ‘banner’.

Needless to say SfS will continue alongside the new site (name to be disclosed when it is launched).

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Navigational problems

Pilots, to a large degree, are like salesmen. They have to be confident to be good at their careers. They have to practice relentlessly and plan out all the scenarios of the things that could happen when they’re out there. Nothing is more important than preparation. They are also mighty competitive  as individuals
Simon Sinek

Politicians too, under representative democracy, are salesman who have to exude confidence if they are to succeed in their careers – none more so than when they are trying to sell the people a ‘pig in a poke’. They are also competitive in that they will grab every opportunity to further their wealth and position in society.

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Power and Control

Having attended yet another ‘workshop’ held on 1st October (by invitation) – the aim of which was to take the movement forward – it is with regret that yesterday  I emailed the Director of The Harrogate Agenda, Niall Warry, to advise him that I can no longer support, nor wish to be involved in or associated with, that movement. One of the reasons for this decision is that, four years since the inception of The Harrogate Agenda, the idea has not moved one inch from where it began. There is still talk of ‘Advisory Panels’, ‘Ambassadors’ and ‘Co-ordinating Committees’ – but where is the vision, the strategy to move forward? They say bureaucracy, which incorporates ‘hot-air’, never dies –  do they not?

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