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We today have news that our government is to trial various forms of identity at polling stations with a view to reducing electoral fraud, coupled with a press release from the Cabinet Office.

A a result of Sir Eric Pickles’ report Securing the Ballot published in August this year, the government will seek to introduce a number of his recommendations to tighten controls around the conduct of polls to eliminate electoral fraud. As well as piloting the use of ID in polling stations across England, the government will seek to:

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Letters to the Editor – for what good it does……..

The following has been submitted to the letters column of the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Guardian – not that I have any hope any of them will publish it……..

Dear Sir,

When the House of Commons Library produces a Briefing Paper (Number 07840 -19 December 2016) which purports to define, among other terms, the meaning of the EU’s Customs Union; and in the process gets it so spectacularly wrong, is it any wonder that we of the people that do have an understanding of what is needed to accomplish a successful Brexit, remain fearful of what our politicians might so do, in our name, during their endeavours – especially when it is based on such incorrect information? Where we have the unknowledgeable (House of Commons Library) leading the unknowledgeable (the politicians); is this not a perfect example of the blind leading the blind?

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Social Care – who is to blame?

Like all journalists Hinscliff can be a tad ‘Gaby’, especially about things the history of which she may be a tad too young to know. Writing in the Guardian she has an article headlined: Do-it-yourself social care only works for the very rich.

We all must be aware that the original idea of the creator of the health service in this country, Aneurin Bevan, had the vision of a health service which cared for you ‘from cradle to grave’. Initially it was believed by him  that demand would decline as illnesses were cured. Unfortunately the opposite happened with an ageing population and expensive new technology and drugs creating new financial pressures (something which has continued to the present day); coupled with the perception that the service was ‘free’ no doubt exacerbated demand still further.

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So Tired

In the late 1940s a band leader named Russ Morgan had a ‘hit’ with a tune called ‘So Tired‘.

Paraphrasing the lyrics, where the state of this country is concerned I am so tired of:

  • Politicians who obviously have no knowledge of that about which they speak;
  • Media that routinely repeats the utterances of the ‘great and not-so-good’ whose words are assumed to be akin to the content of the tablets Moses brought down from a trip up a mountain;
  • Commentators and think-tanks whose words, again, are accepted at face value without ‘due diligence’, by which I mean investigated for truth when they are published by the media;
  • ‘Tittle-Tattle’ reported by the media as if it were newsworthy and thus ‘important’  (think trousers that ‘may’ have cost a grand);
  • The lack of democracy in this country whereby the people are allowed to voice an opinion – and then only periodically; by which time they have an onset of memory loss about what the fuss was just a year or two earlier;
  • That we are now to believe that the skids squids have been put under our traditional dish of fish and chips due to the effects of climate change;
  • The resultant effect of the people having been ‘brainwashed’ by a form of propaganda of which Goebbels would have been proud, together with a total ruination of our education system, because of political ideology, resulting in the people becoming ‘brain-dead’;
  • Journalists realising, too late (see closing sentence) that they are responsible for the growth of ‘talking-heads’ – of which journalists and ‘commentators’  are many.

I have to ask if this is how a country, that maintains it has a system of democracy that is the envy of the world, should be run?

Being of a similar age when some people have ‘met  their maker’ – although I shall do my utmost to last a tad longer so that I may really make a nuisance of myself – my first question will be: just what the hell have you been playing at.

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The ‘Cash’ appears to be no longer in the till……..

Or, to put it another way, has one member of the asylum escaped?

From Hansard, during a debate in the HoC about the Government’s plans for Brexit, at just prior to 2:59pm the ‘doyen’ of Maastricht; and Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee (William Cash), said:

Let me say this, very simply. We should not be supplicants in these negotiations. We should say no to the single market, no to the customs union, and no to the European Court, because we cannot be subject to that European Court in any circumstances. We should say yes to borders, yes to free trade, and yes to regaining the democracy for which this House has stood for hundreds of years.

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A waste of time and our money

With the prior proceedings in the High Court; and currently in the Supreme Court on whether the Government has the right to exercise a prerogative that it appears only they believe they possess to invoke Article 50 and commence the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union; a thought struck.

Had we a written constitution, instead of the hodge-podge of various documents that form our present unwritten constitution, perhaps the charade currently taking place would have been avoided; and at the same time saved we taxpayers a shed-load of money.

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Richmond Park

Courtesy of Politics Home one has to ask just what do those in this picture feel they have to celebrate?

Olney is quoted as stating: The people of Richmond Park and North Kingston have sent a shockwave through this Conservative Brexit government, and our message is clear: we do not want a hard Brexit. We do not want to be pulled out of the single market, and we will not let intolerance, division and fear win.

Who, when considering government ministers, has said we will have a hard Brexit, or that we will be leaving the Single Market? Just who is spreading fear – and division – if not Olney with that statement? Where is the evidence for the charges she makes?

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Ken Clarke seeks solace in Angela Merkel

Ken Clarke opines the fact that Angela Merkel is western democracy’s last hope, adding that he is: angry and depressed at the appalling state politics in the UK has descended into.

This article continues by stating that he has: a deep unease about the rise of populist, far-right forces that are ramping through western liberal democracies from the US to France. Clarke is reported to have said: It’s resistance to change, resistance to the modern world and a desire for simple solutions to very complicated political problems,” he says. “The manner in which the political debate is publicised has changed, the mass media is hysterical and competitive and social media is taking over with short soundbites. It has thrown politics into complete confusion.

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