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The Swiss Watch

Businesses in Switzerland are watching with great interest – and with some trepidation – at the slow progress of the UK’s divorce from the European Union. Perhaps, inadvertently,  one participant at the recent British Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) meeting hit the nail on the head by stating: ……….At the moment, Brexit is a big vanity project for politicians and not at all about the reality of what will happen.

Where the UK and her politicians are concerned it would appear this comment is ‘spot-on’ as Theresa May and some members of her party; ably assisted by so-called ‘experts’,  coupled with unknowing think-tanks and journalists; has driven herself into a  cul-de-sac with her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ plan – and is now unable to find a reverse gear, without losing face. At this point – where the words ‘vanity project’ are concerned – I would also add into the mix the suggestion I made in my preceding article.

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Like many, I question the intent of those who ‘govern’ us

When the referendum question was posed in 2016, the question on the ballot paper was: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union. Nowhere on the ballot paper, nor in the question, was it posed whether we should leave the Single Market.

Following a campaign run by both the Leave and Remain sides, a campaign based on lies and misinformation, we are now in the hands of a group of politicians, some of whom voted to remain. They have conflated, through their ignorance – or maybe deliberately – the question how leaving the European Union can be accomplished. In so doing  they have confused leaving the political part of the European Union with the trading part of the European Union – again, possibly with deliberate intent.

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The complexities of the German language

Regular readers will be aware that, at an advanced age, I have decided to learn the German language in view of my, now frequent, trips to Switzerland, At my advanced age, unfortunately my memory is not that which it was when I was decades younger; consequesently readers will readily understand the problem that confronts me at the initial hurdle.

One of the first lessons impressed upon me was to remember the gender of nouns and which was the nominative and accusative case, in order to decline any adjectives which may be required. I have quickly come to agree with the student, in the following, who declared that he would rather refuse two drinks than decline one adjective in German – and it takes a lot for me to decline one drink, let alone two!

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The Chief ‘Cashcow’ of the ‘Cashcows’ speaks

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, has an article which is to appear in the next issue of The House magazine, due out on 16 October in which he proposes some improvements in the manner by which the House of Commons carries out its business.

He begins by summarising recent changes since 2009; and writes: These were mostly the work of the Wright Committee of 2009-2010, whose recommendations included the election of Select Committee Chairs and the creation of the Backbench Business Committee which has, to borrow a phrase, acted to “take back control” of a section of our timetable on behalf of backbench MPs, aka the poor bloody infantry.  In view of the fact, so aptly demonstrated by themselves, that our present MPs are not fit for purpose, one assumes he meant to write bloody poor infantry – but I digress.

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Is May ’owen’ Paterson, or is Paterson ‘owen’ May?

Regular readers of Witterings from Witney, who have followed me to Seaham, will recall I am partial to the odd pun or two. Consequently, for any new readers, I ‘translate’ the heading to this article, bearing in mind that our ‘ever-knowing’ (not) media have their finger on the pulse of important news in their reporting that ‘Our Revered (not) Leader’ is planning a cabinet reshuffle.

In view of the foregoing, the question has to be asked whether she is ‘owing’ Paterson a ‘return to government ‘ for his undoubted allegiance to her ‘programme’; or he thinks she is ‘owing’ him a ‘return to government’ for ‘promoting’ her ‘programme’ – albeit her ‘programme’ is a load of crap (of which more shortly).

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