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A long weekend break

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We are there for four days to celebrate my beloved Helen’s birthday as she has never been there before – although I have, a few years ago. On the list of ‘must sees’ are two cathedrals (Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia  and the Cathedral of Barcelona, the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona) and Poble Espanyol, plus some ‘window shopping’, the latter I understand to be a ‘girlie thing’. On the ‘upside’ the BBC weather forecast is showing a projected 16/17 degrees  which is a tad warmer than it is currently ‘up North East’.

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Democracy: the meaning of………

…… which so many of our politicians do not seem to understand.

Reading the Hansard report of yesterday’s debate on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill there were many usages of the word ‘democracy’; and not one Member of Parliament appears to understand, or have any knowledge of the meaning and derivation of the word.

Witness Bill Cash (Sir) and from his speech (4:45pm):

The Bill and this whole issue are about one main question, namely democracy, which is what everything else necessarily flows from. All the economic arguments and questions relating to trade and other matters are ultimately dependent on the question of whether we have the right to govern ourselves in this sacred House of Commons. That is the basis on which the people of this country make decisions, of their own free choice, in general elections—whether it is to vote for the Labour party, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP or the Conservative party—and then a decision is made in this House as to how they will be governed (my emphasis).

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Why did he bother?

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Sitting on the seafront at Seaham, a war-weary Tommy sits thoughtfully, head bowed with rifle in hand, as he reflects upon the sheer horror of World War One during the first minute after peace was declared in 1918. The piece, called 1101 but known locally as Tommy, was inspired by World War One and is named to reflect the first minute of peace.

Built out of special corteen steel, it had been installed on Seaham seafront in Country Durham to mark the centenary of the start of the Great War and initially was on loan for three months. This work of art was created by local artist Ray Lonsdale, who got his idea for the piece after hearing a story about a soldier from nearby Murton who won a war medal. The people of Seaham raised £60,000 of the £85,000 price tag while Seaham Council donated the remainder.

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Who knows what transpires behind ‘closed doors’?

With the recent resignation of a Secretary of State for Defense – for the apparent crime of ‘misbehaviour’ – and the growing ‘witch-hunt’ to discover those of his ilk who may be ‘guilty’ of similar crimes, an important question arises.

First though, let us consider a subject that is inherent in the question of ‘misbehaviour’,  where two people are concerned. When two people pledge to spend the remainder of their lives together, if the relationship is to last, then two main factors come into play; of which one is ‘trust’ and the other is ‘fidelity’. Without either, I would contend, no relationship can survive.

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