A long weekend break

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We are there for four days to celebrate my beloved Helen’s birthday as she has never been there before – although I have, a few years ago. On the list of ‘must sees’ are two cathedrals (Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia¬† and the Cathedral of Barcelona, the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona) and Poble Espanyol, plus some ‘window shopping’, the latter I understand to be a ‘girlie thing’. On the ‘upside’ the BBC weather forecast is showing a projected 16/17 degrees¬† which is a tad warmer than it is currently ‘up North East’.

As a result Brexit can ‘go hang’ for a few days, on the basis that there ain’t much more our ‘all-knowing’ political elite can do to make matters worse – although I’m sure they will do their best (see following article?).





2 thoughts on “A long weekend break

  1. Don’t forget Gaudi’s house, just along La Ramblas. His vision and, to my artistically uneducated mind, eccentric views certainly blew my mind. What got to me in the Sagrada Familia was the use of light to give an almost sea waves effect on the ceiling. Also, don’t forget the Masonic signs that Gaudi dropped here and there and which, it is believed, led to his death by being run over in a rather suspicious traffic incident.
    On another, unrelated, incident, was visiting my home town of Hartlepool recently and took a run up to Seaham to see ‘Tommy’. It was the day after Remembrance Day and it was even more dramatic and thought provoking to see it covered in little crosses with a poppy emblem. You really are a lucky soul, living there.

  2. The Sagrada Familia is awesome to say the least. We did not have time to visit Gaudi’s house but will do on our next trip.

    Lucky to live here – Yup, I know.

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