Pennies do drop – eventually

I stumbled upon the following on twitter:

Yes, Corbyn and his ilk are abhorrent, dangerous and a threat to our society; and under representative democracy we can do nothing to stop politicians wrecking our society, nor our country. In respect of Trump and his ‘twitter-outpourings’, it matters not what ones views are, what matters is the right of an individual to decide for himself/herself whether they agree or disagree. It is not the place for politicians or any political party to inform us what we may say, do, or think – least of all think. A life belongs to an individual, not to any politician or a political party  and so consequently it is the right of any individual to decide that to which they will listen and/or read;

People continually complain about this, that  and the other, yet seem unable to recognise that they can change nothing while they continue to live under a dictatorial form of democracy where their voice is ignored by their political class.

Where the right to think is concerned I can but refer to a scene from the film Inherit The Wind (this film dealt with the right of a school teacher to introduce the subject of Darwin and his beliefs in a society in which only the teachings of the Bible were permitted, Having had all his scientific witnesses ruled out by the court on the basis only teachings of the Bible will be allowed, his defense council calls, as a last resort, the Prosecuting Council, an acknowledged ‘expert’ on the Bible and its teachings).

Earlier I referred to a system of dictatorial democracy and in this context one only has to refer to the remarks of Bill Cash (which but echoes those of his ilk) who consider that once elected we, the electorate, must accept how we are to be ruled – with no immediate recourse on our part should we disagree at any time during an election cycle. The foregoing  ain’t democracy; but this is.

One day the penny will drop – for the sake of our nation and its people.

Just saying………….






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