A European Army?

We learn today that Federica Mogherini has, this weekend, sent an advance copy of the EU Global Strategy on foreign and security policy to the Member States. She will formally present the strategy to the Heads of State/Government during this week’s summit in Brussels. She was mandated to to prepare the new strategy by the European Council in June 2015.

It is noted that the press release states that an advance copy has been sent to Member States, which presumably includes the United Kingdom – we are after all still a full member of the European Union; and so remain until the conclusion of the Article 50 process.

Donald Tusk’s ‘invitation letter‘ to members of the European Council does not list the presentation of Mogherini’s draft strategy. Presumably this will be done on the first day as the United Kingdom is still a full member of the European Union, especially as Tusk’s agenda states that the second day will be taken up with a discussion by the remaining 27 Member States concentrating on the effect of Brexit and how to take forward a depleted union of 27.

Bearing in mind Mogherini states that the strategy reflects the collective views of Member States, that raises two immediate questions:

  • what was the input by the United Kingdom, with what did we disagree and with what did we agree;
  • had we not voted ‘Leave’, in what would we, potentially, now find ourselves embroiled.

As past form shows us that this snippet of news is highly unlikely to feature in our media, I thought it may be of interest to my readers.