Agendas – and a ‘Stitch-Up’ of Democracy

Those who followed my ‘witterings’ when I lived in the constituency of Witney, prior to my attempting to ‘scribble’ from the constituency of Seaham, will have noticed that my output has diminished a tad (putting it mildly).

The reason is one of simplicity; namely I have become tired of banging my head against the proverbial ‘brick wall’. Said ‘brick wall’ comprised my Member of Parliament in Witney¬† and, in a retrograde step, my Member of Parliament for Easington – although in the days ahead I will make another attempt with the latter. Needless to say, in mentioning the foregoing, I am talking about this nation’s membership of the European Union and ‘Brexit’.

Over the last day or two it is noted that an opinion poll, if it can be believed, shows people would prefer Jeremy Corbyn over Theresa May as Prime Minister. That the electorate would so prefer one idiot more than another can but beggar belief where their logic is concerned. But then one has to ask on what facts is their choice made? To those of us who have any understanding of ‘matters EU and Brexit’; that is an astounding decision, especially when those of us who know are aware that neither knows squat-diddley’ on either subject. Coupled with that news it is also noted that a petition has been created to propose that Jacob Reese-Member Of (the) Greater Gormless be made Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister. FCS, how stupid can people become?

Together with the idiocy of our political class we must factor in the similar idiocy of our media – both appear oblivious to the alternative views that exist on ‘matters EU and Brexit’, to the point that both will do – and say – anything to ensure that reasoned opinion is silenced.)

When the author of this blog – who is the undoubted expert on ‘matters EU and Brexit’ – is ignored then we can assume that there is an ‘agenda(s)’ in existence, one(s) to which both the political class and the media are ‘fully signed up’.

Just why might that be?

In answer to that question, it must be obvious that were the political class or the media to acknowledge that there existed those who know better would mean one thing to both factions. The political class would immediately lose their power over the electorate, including their careers and income, the latter funded by taxpayers; and the media would immediately lose a substantial number – if not all – of their readership.

By their ‘hold’ over the electorate, both the political class and the media are ‘orchestrating’ what is, basically, a form of censorship where information is concerned. If the political class and the media will not ‘level’ with the electorate; and present fair and unbiased information, then is that not censorship? This then begs the question: wherefore democracy per se?

In 2011/2012 an idea was formed to change our system of democracy in this nation, unfortunately it was ‘taken over and shelved. Even today the Director of this movement is in ‘de-niall’ that had it been promoted with the intensity of the plan to extricate this nation from the EU, the outcome of the referendum – and the current mood of our nation – might well be completely different.

If a nation that is held as the beacon of democracy (which it never has been, but I digress) does not practice democracy per se, then how can any other nation (Switzerland aside) likewise claim to do?

Much is made, currently, that in voting for Brexit a year ago today, the electorate did not realise, nor understand, the ramifications of their decision and what was involved. The blame for that can be laid at the door of Matthew Elliott and Dominic Cummings – and those unknowing politicians who jumped on the Elliott/Cummings bandwagon; who in turn were ‘bigged-up’ by a likewise unknowing and ignorant media (but then again, where the latter is concerned, who bites the hand that feeds you? Apologies dear reader, as again I digress).

Each of us who cares for the future of our nation believe, as does the author of the aforementioned blog, that our political class and media are worthless, that we labour among a people for whom there appears no hope because they refuse to think for themselves. All of us lament for our fellow men and women who seem so blind and foolish, due to the fact that they have allowed themselves to believe they have no need to think for themselves – and there we have a prime example of the hold our political class

It is all very well to berate our political class and the media for the state in which we find ourselves, but perhaps we should also berate those that had an idea to change democracy in this nation for the better – and did nothing with said idea.

I can but repeat: as ye sow, so shall ye reap.




2 thoughts on “Agendas – and a ‘Stitch-Up’ of Democracy

  1. Much as to be expected the petition to get Jacob Rees-Mogg made PM has had an impact. Although perhaps not in the way the petition organisers imagined. I saw this move as wholly humorous but we can always trust the major political parties to miss the point and fail to see things for what they are. So the supporters of Philip Hammond have got their friends in the media to suggest Hammond would be ideal as PM and could take over soon after the party conference in late autumn. Long ‘May’ she reign over us I say, if you see what I mean! But then again have I fallen into line, was this the planned outcome?

    1. Doesn’t this so sum up the problem – insiders choosing insiders.

      David’s concerns are held by so many in society, but they seem held back by a fear of allowing ‘the other guy’ to win.

      I’m fast going down the Hitchens’ track – I honestly believe that there is no way of pulling our democracy back (even if we ever had it) especially if people are prepared to vote for – whom I see as – violent thugs.

      There is a light on the horizon, and that is that people are waking up to the fact that our ‘civil’ service is increasingly not so civil.

      It is this recognition that the quest for a better democracy is being undermined at every turn that has to get through to our young people.

      Violence begets violence, and they are going to reap the whirlwind.

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