An early election? God forbid!

Rafael Behr, writing in the Guardian, reckons ‘Saint Theresa’ should do just that; adding that it is too early to write off a body that still has three years of its term to run.Behr also writes that: the Tory right has become less fastidious about parliament’s role as a check on the executive.

Never mind three years of a term still to run; we should be clamouring to write off a body that has, for decades, not been up to the job for which they were elected; especially since 1972.

Since when has parliament been a check on the executive; bearing in mind the executive is chosen from parliament – ie, the legislature. How can the legislature be an effective check on the executive when those in the legislature are doing all they can to become members of the executive – and thus further their careers at the expense of the people ?

When will the  people of Tatton realise that the new ‘Standard’ bearer of extra-parliamentary income gives not a fig for his constituents? Bearing in mind the preceding paragraph,when will the electorate of this nation realise that he of Tatton is no different from his colleagues?

I tend to think of politicians as ‘usurers’ – not because they lend money to others at an exorbitant rate of interest (which is what they do through taxation) but because ‘usurers’ were, by nature, ruthless, greedy and dishonest.

Behr may well believe that MPs ‘look lost’ – where Brexit is concerned, they most definitely are. So what is the point in selecting from a brain-dead pool members that ‘look lost’  to form a select committee to ‘over-see’ the government’s action?

Where Brexit is concerned, one does not need a university degree to realise that we, the unknowing. are being led by the unknown. Or, to put it in more simpler terms, because of the defects encapsulated in representative democracy, we have elected 650 ‘Judas Goats’, who through their ignorance, are leading our nation to its slaughter.

Is it not time that those about to be led to their slaughter perked up and asked themselves: hang on, why me?