An ‘interjection’ in the ‘EU Referendum Debate’

Albeit when the only current ‘sensible’ intrusion into said debate, by means of a launch, is being undertaken by The Leave Alliance on the same day that the media will be concentrating on ‘Budget News’ does but beggar belief – but I digress.

@LiberalLeave has published thisunder the heading: Liberal Leaders Believe: at which point one has to ask:

  1. If power should be held as closely as possible to individuals and their communities, then why is there not a belief in direct democracy; and thus The Harrogate Agenda, coupled with FlexCit?
  2. If EU bureaucracy is so far removed from ordinary citizens for us to have any meaningful power over its decisions, with many crucial meetings held behind closed doors; then cannot the same be said for Representative Democracy?
  3. If Liberal values are global – and should not be limited just to one continent; then why no mention of our exclusion, because of our membership of the European Union, from global standard setting bodies such as UNECE?

This is but another example of a political grouping attempting to ‘cement’ their position in the existing undemocratic system of democracy under which we, in the UK, currently live. It is something we see day after day from every political party, even from a party termed Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) – aka Ukip – which if ever there existed a misnomer, theirs is it. All existing political parties (Con/Lab/LibDem/ Ukip) all profess  a wish to devolve power – but look at their proposals in depth; and they all contain ultimate central control; something no different from that of the aims of the European Union.

When we look at the EU Commission’s wish to create a European Border and Coast Guard we find they require the ability to: be empowered to require Member States take timely corrective action. In urgent situations that put the functioning of the Schengen area at risk and when deficiencies have not been remedied, the Agency will be able to step in to ensure that action is taken on the ground even where there is no request for assistance from the Member State concerned or where member State considers that there is no need for additional intervention. Wherefore sovereignty? (Emphasis mine)

As we, the electorate, have ‘no say’ on that which the EU Commission proposes – nor do our elected governments – once again the question arises: wherefore democracy?  We heard from David Cameron, when he usurped office in May 2010, how the people were the ‘masters’ and politicians their ‘servant’ – yet this is the man who, with his desire to continue membership of the European Union, wishes to continue the deficit in democracy whereby the politicians are the masters and the people the servants.

If the people are the masters and politicians the servants, just how does this equate with his statement in 2010? If people are the masters and politicians the servants, then why are the masters being subjected to untruths and lies being promulgated by their servants? Why does such a servant refuse to respond to charges laid by his master?

While we, the electorate, remain ‘servants’ who are of no consequence to our masters – aka sheep – we deserve to be corralled/penned for the good of our masters. We all remember the series: on television: One man and his dog; and we also remember that quite often there was one sheep that did not wish to be ‘corralled/penned’.

As it happens today was Budget Day, a day when the Chancellor of the Exchequer ‘informed’ his ‘masters’ just how much of his masters income he would demand in taxation (incorporating custodial and economic sanctions, if not paid) in order that he might continue with his economic policies;  a subject over which, again, his masters have no say. This situation promptly begs a question: just who, in their right mind, would give a contractor they have employed a blank cheque to carry out work on which they have not previously received a detailed estimate?

How much more ‘daylight robbery’ not only of taxpayers, but also the electorate, does it take before both realise that Demand #5:

No tax, charge or levy shall be imposed, nor any public spending authorised, nor any sum borrowed by any national or local government except with the express approval the majority of the people, renewed annually on presentation of a budget which shall first have been approved by their respective legislatures.

of The Harrogate Agenda (THA) is not only sensible, but also to their advantage?

Unfortunately I am forced to return to an oft-asked question – one to which, to date, no answer has been given by those now ‘in charge’ of THA; which is: why is THA stage 6 (tail-end-charlie) of FlexCit? If democracy matters so much – which The  Leave Alliance would have us believe – I can but repeat the preceding question. If the people are sovereign then does it not follow that THA should be Demand #2?

It pains me to raise the point; but as Cameron usurped control of the UK in 2010, so what was initially envisaged as a ‘movement’ and thus one driven by the people (THA) has been usurped by others for their own ends. 

You see, at the end of the day, it all boils down to ‘control’ – and therein lies a problem for the ‘common man’.

Which means the common man had better start taking an interest in politics, otherwise when disagreeing with his government, he might just as well say ‘baa’………..





9 thoughts on “An ‘interjection’ in the ‘EU Referendum Debate’

  1. Is it just possible that the budget date was announced AFTER the booking of the venue for the launch of the Leave Alliance. Maybe the Government wanted to smother the launch.
    All that matters is a vote to leave – THA can be advanced up the agenda after a vote to Leave

    1. You are correct on both counts and the launch was filmed and will up on the internet in 3 weeks.

    2. You are correct on both counts and THA should get more exposure in the next few months and beyond than any amount of small time blogging or village hall meetings could have produced. In fact Flexcit is apparently being read in Whitehall.

  2. On the subject of border forces, I’m wondering why we have seen no sign of these chaps:

    Under the Treaty of Belsen, the EuroGendFor can be invited in by any EU state under threat from civil disorder; and with their unthreatening ‘dagger and grenade’ badge, and Judge Dredd-like motto of Lex Paciferat (Peace through Law) – topped off with the humanitarian giant of Turkey being given “observer status” – one would think that they would be of use in policing the refugee crisis (one crisis of many that conveniently crops up, resulting in the need for “more Europe”, and another body to deal with it)

  3. David you won’t get an answer ref THA. Warry and North are currently having a bun fight over the word lie. how delicious,it’s like something from an Ealing comedy.As for FLEXCIT …..THA should be stage 1,2,3,4,5, and 6.

  4. “You see, at the end of the day, it all boils down to control” –

    Indeed it does. I’m sure we all wish Leave Alliance well; however, what are they trying to do? As already noted they add to the febrile atmosphere following the budget, although are not so visible. So as Tory lunges at Tory over the sugar tax the heavy guns of Leave Alliance fight amongst themselves and lash out at people already onside but not as gifted as they are. Is this wise?

    I would say that to have allied oneself with conventional politicians and at the same time tried to promote THA was a mistake. For let’s be clear here both sides of the EU referendum are awash with the ordinary run-of-the-mill politicos who may, or may not, want to leave the EU, but are united in their debt, their dependency upon, representative democracy. It has after all given them what they crave, control.

    We may also note that while THA has been on the road for years, but going round in circles, in Germany Alternative for Deutschland has become politically significant. And while the squabbles over a sugar tax grab the attention of the MSM and thus the heroic efforts of Leave Alliance go unreported so too have some other things. ‘Serious’ bloggers have overlooked the AfD success, perhaps too busy; is this wise, there must be something there to learn?

  5. Naill you sound like a conspiracy nut, are you seriously suggesting the Budget day was announced to undermine the launch of Leave Alliance? You should have gone for Saturday,however by your logic we would have had the Budget on Saturday! For such an important event you would think North would have travelled down the day before,as it happened he was late and in a foul mood! This is typical of the shambolic nature of all the leave groups. As for THA give it a rest, you’ve done absolutely nothing with it,it doesn’t even have an active blog.

    1. always write is correct – to launch on Budget Day was an error, contrary to what Richard North may maintain.

      As usual Niall Warry continues to snipe at those who were not responsible for the promotion of THA and thus also ‘fess up to his own shortcomings in this regard. After all this time he can only believe that THA should get more exposure in the coming months. Should??? Hows about the Director of THA getting off his butt and actually showing us some concrete plans to make it more widely known?

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