As the pipers, should we not call the tune?


Yet more platitudinous crap from one who vies to be this nation’s next prime minister.

The British people may well be united in their resolve that terror will not prevail, however it is a great pity that our politicians, of which the originator of this statement is one, do not have the resolve to provide that on which the British people are undoubtedly intent.

If only we could resume democratic debate, but when have we had that? How can we have that when the leaders of political parties hold carefully stage-managed rallies which are packed with their party faithful?

If only we had a democracy worth defending, because that which we currently suffer is not democracy per se, but a faux imitation of one.

All political parties, come a general election, have mapped-out daily topics on which they each wish to ‘talk’ with a view to garnering the lion’s share of the media output on that particular day –  and with a compliant media, they invariably succeed. Currently – and it is no different to previous general elections – all they wish to discuss is the national health service, education, taxation and national defense.

The one topic on which they all appear ‘silent’ is that of Brexit – and yet Brexit is, as with most matters, the ‘elephant in the room’ in that upon the outcome of Brexit will determine just how much money is available (and just how much will have to be borrowed) to fund all their promises to provide the Utopia that they all envisage the British people will be able to enjoy were they to achieve power – and in that the Labour Party is no different from any of their competitors.

It is a sad reflection on ‘democracy’ that a small minority of this nation’s population wish to seize something that is not theirs but which belongs to the indigenous population of our nation. What we witness in a general election – and in the ensuing years until the next one – is but a collection of popinjays (conceited, foppish, or excessively talkative people; who chatter like parrots repeating their party ‘line’) informing us what they will allow us in order that we may lead our lives. That is democracy?

That which took place in Manchester was an aberration to the norms that most, if not all, of the indigenous people of this nation hold dear. When, if ever, will the people of this nation realize that our politicians and all that they stand for are an aberration to that which democracy should be?

Just a thought………………..


2 thoughts on “As the pipers, should we not call the tune?

  1. I’m currently trying to push this Direct Democracy thing but it’s not going too well.

    1. James, until the electorate have a ‘light bulb’ moment, unfortunately it wont. It is all about ‘education’ – see my last article?

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