Asleep at t’wheel – definitely not!

Readers may think that I have been asleep at t’wheel in view of the fact it is now nine days since an article appeared on this blog.

I shall be writing about home care agencies and the appalling standard of care which one agency has been providing to a 102 year-old over whom I have power of attorney. Presently I am awaiting a response from her Member of Parliament, namely he of the Witney constituency. Also, as that Member of Parliament does not appear willing to discuss with me the matter of social care in general, even though the two matters are inter-linked, I shall also be writing, in due course, to my Member of Parliament, he of the Easington constituency.

On the subject of democracy I have a trip, taking place at the beginning of September, to Switzerland during which I have meetings arranged with Swiss parliamentarians. Also, on 1st October, I have a meeting scheduled to discuss The Harrogate Agenda. Needless to say I shall be reporting on both. For those on Twitter, they may wish to take note that I shall be using that form of media during my time there, coupled with an article or two.

It is acknowledged that I have also  been somewhat quiet on the subject of Brexit; a matter which will be rectified on my return from Switzerland.

Currently I manage a small portfolio of rental properties which are in the process of being sold, the tenants having been served Section 21 notices to vacate; and as will hopefully be understood, this is taking up a great deal of my time.

In the meantime I will attempt to produce articles, albeit they may be a tad infrequent; and I trust readers will bear with me.