‘Catching the Crab(b)s’

Well it appears that one young lady did, while another has had one of her ‘attributes’  compared to having a similarity to  sugar.

Leaving aside any political bias, why cannot politicians, in  whom we are forced to put our trust, due to our system of democracy, not repay that trust by upholding what are perceived to be acceptable – and expected – standards of decency and behaviour?

When we view the political class it is becoming obvious that what you see is not what you get – be that what politicians say or what they ‘get up to’ behind our backs.

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is reputed to have said : Behavior is a mirror in which every one displays his own image; in which case how have we  ended up with a system of democracy where gentlemen are unable to act us such – not that the opposite of ‘gentlemen’, within our political class, also appear to be able to act accordingly.

Are not those who dictate our moral behaviour not also bound by the rules they impose on those they would have us believe they govern?

When the inmates of an asylum take over the running of same, is it any wonder that moral behaviour falls?

Just asking………