Confused (dot eu)?

From this site we learn:

  • Accessing markets outside the EU is crucial for jobs and growth within the EU;
  • The EU works to keep markets open and to keep trade flowing;
  • An open and fair international trading system is one of the foundations of Europe’s competitiveness;
  • The EU stands to gain from the further opening of markets worldwide;
  • When tariff or non-tariff barriers block the flow of primary goods into Europe or the access of European companies to markets outside Europe, Europe’s competitiveness suffers;
  • The EU aims to reduce the barriers to the flow of goods and services in the EU’s export markets. The market access strategy designed to target and remove individual barriers in key export markets. This involves negotiating the removal of tariff barriers and non-tariff barriers;
  • The EU regularly monitors and reports on Protectionism around the world in the context of the anti-crisis G20 commitment not to resort to trade restrictions.

So the EU, following Brexit, would ‘make life difficult for the UK‘ – even if the UK wished to rejoin EFTA and maintain membership of the EEA? Really??

Methinks Cameron, Vote Leave and Remain are not the only ones ‘talking with forked tongue’.


3 thoughts on “Confused (dot eu)?

  1. Well, the EU insists we go now. Circumvents some of the awkward bits Flexcit was to cover. Interesting times ahead.

  2. I think the EU want us to ‘go now’ so they can cling to the notion they threw us out of their club. After all what if exit is delayed and the club falls apart? That scenario is not so much a punishment for us but more a disaster form them.

  3. The EU if it had one iota of sense would STFU!
    The current situation is that the UK has had a referendum on EU membership which is an internal matter for the UK.
    Only when the UK Parliament takes that on board and endorses the will of the people and then applies the provisions of Article 50 does it become an EU matter.

    Now given that there is widespread unhappiness in other member states on the same issues that have triggered a leave vote here which may well bite them in the ass next year if not this then would have thought that maybe the EU should have decided that it needed to implement measures that would have gone some way to addressing the issues.

    Had they moved quickly on this they might even have been able to do that before Parliament applies article 50 thus giving the UK Parliament an excuse for another referendum. The time frame available for that may not be so short because I have little doubt Parliament including Johnson should he become PM will dissemble on this.
    The exception to this would be if Cameron back tracked on this and applied Article 50 this week as he promised he would prior to the Referendum, however as he is a serial liar I doubt that this will happen.
    Another dimension to this is that the EU has called for a meeting of Heads of State of all EU members for Wednesday excluding the UK are we not a member until Article 50 is applied and if so why is the UK not invited?.
    While we are still Legally a member the UK Government should tell it to the EU the way it is not the way they would like to think it is.

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