Dear Mr. Cameron (3)

Readers will recall that I wrote to David Cameron in an effort to chase an email previously sent to which I had not received a response. It will also be recalled that I enlisted the help of my constituency Member of Parliament, Grahame Morris, in this regard.

A response has been received, if one can, by any stretch of the imagination, call it that:

10 Downing Street

As stated in my corresponence to David Cameron, the leader of any political party standing in a general election is not only asking the electorate to accept him as a Member of Parliament but also as Prime Minister. Consequently I maintain any Prime Minister has a duty to respond to any member of the electorate who interacts with him.

David Cameron lied not only to┬áthe House of Commons but also to the electorate and it is not a satisfactory situation whereby he can ‘brush off’; and in so doing ignore, an accusation of such gravity as I made by having his office send a letter such as I have received.

As a result I have written once again to Grahame Morris requesting that he press the point on my behalf and does so within the Chamber. Needless to say, as previously, his reply will also be published.