Déjà vu?

I note that there are calls for federalism to be introduced in the United Kingdom, while Jeremy Corbyn states that ‘…..you set the terms for the people in power over you, and you dismiss them when they fail you. That’s what democracy is about….‘ – although for someone who would have us believe he is his own man it seems he is not above using parts of a speech written four years previously for someone else (but I digress).

Here we have two people talking through their lower orifice as what they are proposing is firstly, federalism based on the same central control – albeit at a lower level – and secondly, the terms for the people in power over you cannot be set when the people have to sign up to certain assumptions and attitudes beforehand (see preceding article).

In that previous article a comment from Graham Wood (points 1,3, 4 and 5) are well said, something echoed by Henry Kaye. In regard to the last paragraph of that comment one can but say that he [Graham Wood] is talking to the wrong blog………

Yes, we can have federalism but if we are so to do, then it must be under the auspices proposed by The Harrogate Agenda by which certain areas are allocated to national government with all other matters in the hands of local government; all subject to public approval.

This is where Corbyn’s ideas are but ‘politic speak’ – they cannot be implemented within the form of democracy which now prevails where centrol control remains the norm and wherein the people are unable to exercise the power about which he wishes to give them.

What we are seeing in both the above links in the first paragraph of this article is a continued attempt to devolve power within the confines of representative democracy – a form of democracy which is not democracy – and which, as logic must show, cannot ever come to pass. Consequently the suggestions of the Marquess of Saisbury and Jeremy Corbyn, which may well prevail in the short term, are doomed to failure in the long term when the  people become more educated – which begs the question why are those able to promote this new form of democracy wasting the time they – and we – have where the future of our nation is concerned? Once again I have to refer to previous articles on this subject.

It may well be that the cogs of the minds of the Marquess and Corbyn are starting to work – all one can say is that they have many a mile to travel until they come to the right conclusion.

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