Democracy currently being undermined – yet again……..

There would appear to be a little furore brewing over the reputed statements of Jared O’Mara, which he made in the past, coupled with the fact that the Electoral Commission has given the Conservative Party a ‘slap on the wrist’.

O’Mara is, apparently, guilty of having made ‘sexist remarks’ to/about women and his political Party, Labour, are to hold an investigation into this matter. Whether or not the allegations are true, the immediate question that is raised is why did not the Labour Party know of this and, therefore, why was his ‘past’ not sufficiently investigated prior to his nomination for the seat?

It has long been maintained on this blog that political parties have too much ‘control’ over  the selection of their candidates and their subsequent behaviour. Should it not be the constituents of Sheffield Hallam that decide whether he should be investigated and, if necessary, ‘punished’ and/or his career as an MP terminated?

On the second matter, concerning the Conservative Party, why is it the Electoral Commission are in the position of administering said ‘slap on the wrist‘? Should not the facts be presented to the electorate and then for them to decide whether a re-run of the 2017 general election is necessary? Why has it taken an appointed ‘watchdog’ four months to come to this conclusion? Were they not monitoring the election campaign on a day-to-day basis – and if not, why not – after all for what are they paid?

As I stated in the preceding article we, the people, are subjected to decisions that affect our daily lives and which are made by those appointed and consequently over whom we have no control whatsoever – so where is democracy per se in that matter

But then, returning to the subject of O’Mara where is democracy per se when considering the matter of his selectionShould not those to whom any candidate would be responsible not make the final decision as to his suitability? Should not those responsible for his actions/behaviour not have the definitive word/decision as to whether he stays or goes?

How much longer must I continue to raise the deficiencies in our current system of democratised dictatorship, under which we are forced to live, before people take notice? How much longer will it be before the electorate start to realise they are but vassals to those they elect who supposedly inform us they represent us? How much longer will it be  before the electorate realise that those they elect  care not about us and our views, but only their careers?

How much longer will it take for the electorate to realise that they are the ‘boss men/women’ where democracy is concerned – and not just compliant voting fodder for those who have created a dictatorship within a supposed democracy?

Just how much longer will it take for the electorate to realise that unless they start to take an interest in that which is happening in their name – wherein ‘freedom’ is but an illusion; and which, if the present is allowed to continue, will become what can only then be termed a long-lost dream?

6 thoughts on “Democracy currently being undermined – yet again……..

  1. David, I am constantly amazed by the low grade nature of the elected MPs – and how they become elected.

    Not only the character you mention in your post above, but many past examples (sorry, both Labour – same applies to all parties)

    We had the awful Sion Simon and his spoof video of Cameron – “wanna sleep with my wife” – and his subsequent interview with Sky’s Anna Botting, whom he told to “be quiet while I speak”. There was also the parachuting of Harriet Harman’s partner, Jack Dromey, into a safe seat: yes, she, the All Women Shortlist’s champion, and he, Labour party treasurer who knew nothing of loans that came from people who soon found their way into the House of Lords.

    What sort of person believes that this type of individual is representative of the majority of average, decent wo/men on the outside their bubble?

    But we can’t change the parties’ manner of choosing their representatives – other than actually joining one of them – and to vote for independents seems futile to most people.

    We inevitably arrive at the question – “Are political parties the problem?”

  2. Yes it’s true there are problems with all parties when it comes to candidates (how about open primaries?) but for a long while now the ‘prizes’, as in prize idiot, do all seem to be Labour. We should remind ourselves that O’Mara has yet to make his maiden speech and is in trouble! Also that he is the first Momentum MP so Corbyn will not let him go. And in a way why should he as Naz Shah stayed? Her remarks were equally repulsive but then Corbyn needs her too, Labour needs the inner city vote and she got rid of Galloway. So what is strange is the case of Sarah Champion, she says as she thinks and Corbyn forces her to resign, I wonder what her constituents think of that?

  3. Youi can see why the west is in decay with preoccupation of such trifles. And just in time socialism with a Chinese characteristic is on the rise.
    So gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

    1. yes, China a very interesting case, we are being out done by a socialist/communist state, is it because they plan?

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