Dr. Helen Szamuely

It is with deep sadness that I read the following today on twitter:

It was a privilege for me to have met Helen Szamuely, mainly at Bruges Group meetings. She was a lady with a very sharp mind, a wicked sense of humour and a delight to have had the opportunity to have known.

She first came to my attention, as a new blogger, when she was co-editor of EUReferendum.com. When I initially met her at my first Bruges Group meeting, some time later and introduced myself, she was immediately kind enough to welcome me and subsequently to include me on her blogroll – and when I moved to Co. Durham, followed me there.

Helen was someone with a sharp mind, who did not suffer fools gladly; least of all ‘career-minded’ politicians, especially those of pro-eu sympathies.

It would seem that very few ‘knew’ her – of which I number myself – but those who did have the chance to meet her can only count their blessings that they had met someone ‘special’.

Only today was I aware that she had been educated, at one time, in Ghana; and that is another regret I have, in that it would have provided an opportunity to share views on a country we had both known in our lives as I was taken there (then the Gold Coast) immediately after the end of WWII.

From a personal perspective, all I can say is: Helen you are sorely missed and I will forever remember you.

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