End of the line? It would appear not.

Following this article, the comments received (bar one, the originator of which appears to have only one brain cell – and that, unfortunatley, appears not to be in full working order), coupled with the emails that I have had in support, means that this blog will be continuing to air its views.

Readers may well understand the despondency I felt that, along with other bloggers, our views were being ignored especially by the political class, the sycophantic followers of the former and the media; and thus had no way in which they could be publicy aired.

With the scheduled launch of the Leave Alliance on 16th March which will, hopefully, promote not ony FlexCit and The Harrogate Agenda but also bloggers more knowledgeable about matters EU than our political class and the media, one can but hope our readership may grow Рassuming of course the media decides to cover said launch and report on it in a fair manner.

So far those leave groups so far declared seem more interested in themselves as ‘figure-heads’, rather than in those they seek to inform and thus recruit to their message. One can but hope that those in Leave ¬†Alliance will not commit the same mistake. What will be interesting is to see who appears on the ‘top table’ at the launch of Leave Alliance, who speaks; and what they have to say.

This blog has commented via Twitter against the ‘leave’ groups so far declared (Vote_Leave, Leave.eu and Grassroots Out) and it will not be afraid to criticise the message of Leave Alliance if it is deemed necessary – which it is hoped will not be the case. Mind you, if they still have The Harrogate Agenda as Stage 6 of their exit plan (FlexCit) then they can expect a little ‘flak’ as I am still waiting for a sensible answer to my previous quesions on this subject.

Anyways, I have slightly digressed from the subject matter of this article so it will close with thanks to all the comments and emails I have received requesting that I do not ‘shut down’ – and for that those people have my thanks. What tempers the elation I feel at the support I have received is the knowledge that those from whom it would have been nice to receive similar messages of encouragement – and who I thought were ‘friends’ – appear to have remained silent.¬†

Question: might that last comment lead one to think that those missing are so in thrall to their leader they are afraid to ‘break ranks’; that they are but sycophants and are thus unable to think and decide matters for themselves?

Isn’t that the problem we have with our political class? Just asking………







6 thoughts on “End of the line? It would appear not.

  1. Welcome back, I think you made the right decision, on the other hand, some of you may have noticed that Nick Cohen has just declared the Euston Manifesto dead. But then perhaps some people may not have known Cohen and the EM were alive! To save me time I’ll leave those who are interested to google both, Wikipedia can help here. The EM was set up 10 years ago by left wing idealists and Cohen was part of the original group.

    And the relevance of all this is? Well THA was also set up by idealists though they tended to be right of centre. Now if Cohen was right and you do not have an infinite amount of time with a new idea, then here we are coming up to the mid-point in the critical early time period. And based upon what we know it does look bleak for THA.

    Far be it for me to ‘short’ THA, but I think a bet that
    without some dedicated and drastic work it’s on the way to the knackers yard looks reasonable. The joyous declaration that as part of an another project hope is at hand is, so far, an aspiration. Let’s see what happens. But there is a pecking order for THA that puts it below the more ‘glamorous’ work.

  2. Good to see that you’re staying in the fray and keeping an I pendent mind. I think you said to me some time ago -” one day at a time”. I am still around albeit in some limited form because of your words.

    1. That would be ‘independent ‘had this contraption not decided it knows its own preferred wording.

  3. The problem, with most if not all bloggers, is that we have a distinctively short area of influence. As may have been noticed, many bloggers, some of whom write both candidly and well, have grown dispirited, and many have indeed given up the fight; but that decision was taken, by them, independently.

    I have a small readership from my own small site, and I write as well for another. I write in the hope that I might strike a nerve, or at least prick an uneasy conscience: but mainly I write in hope, that the wider world may know that there are many independent voices out there, and if the Internet is useful for just one thing alone, it is that surfing does produce some surprising results, and your site may well be arrived at by an influential reader, and you may well strike a chord.

    I write, and have written, many times to my local newspapers; and have touched raw nerves more than once; indeed I have the honour of holding the description ‘deeply unpleasant’. Now that, writing for an audience in exactly the same part of the country as yourself, is an accolade worth striving for.

    So keep writing, keep pushing, and above all, forget writing to Cameron; he is wilfully blinkered, and will not listen to any but those he acknowledges as ‘friends’.

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