End of the line

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Yesterday I wrote that where democracy is concerned, this country is ‘procreated’- which, without doubt, it is.

Having watched Marr this morning and seen David Cameron maintain that black is white while Marr sat there doing his usual soft-pedalling act makes me think that we have come to the end of the line where truth, honesty and principle are concerned.

What we are obviously faced with during the next 4 months is both sides of the EU referendum question dealing in propaganda, while ya-booing at each other. Let us not forget that propaganda is but a means of communication, often biased or misleading in nature, aimed at influencing and altering the attitude of a population toward some cause, position or political agenda – and by heaven, have not  our political class and their sycophants turned it into an ‘art form’.

A referendum is a means whereby politicians ask their electorate to vote on a particlar proposal. As such, having asked, logic would dictate that politicians have by that decision have decided to ‘butt out’ and leave the people to make up their own minds based on fair and unbiased facts. If only that was possible. That a compliant media now appears to be concentrating on the number of ‘big beasts’ who are for ‘In’ compared to those that are for ‘Out’ can only lead one to believe they (the media) are attempting to influence the result.

That we now seem, once again, to be presented with the opportunity of a referendum, albeit one being ‘rigged’ as was that of 1975, is not something we should be celebrating but one in which we should be asking on whom do we lay the blame for its happening – and happening so late.

When a situation arises wherein the people of a nation have had their system of governance changed by stealth and subsequently been denied the opportunity of voicing their direct dissent cannot, even by stretching the definition, be termed democracy. The only reason a referendum is in the offing is because a politician, in this case Cameron, deemed it would assist in his being returned to power, power which he usurped in 2010.

On numerous occasions, it has been noted that apathy of the electorate can be attributed to their belief that for whoever they vote, nothing changes. In other words, they acknowedge their voice matters not as they have no individual power to change anything. It is a great pity that a meeting in Harrogate (and do read the links) – one which produced a suggested alternative form of governance (first published in 2013 as The Harrogate Agenda – THA) in which power would have been returned to the people – has been left to wither and die.

Had this idea been more widely dispersed, which it could have been as it was envisaged to be a movement, I am of the opinion that we would not now be facing a repetition of 1975. Unfortunately – and it pains me to have to say it – the blame for yet another rigged referendum lies not with our politicians but with those who took over the idea first expressed here and, in effect, made it their own private property. Had THA received wider publicity, had it been ‘pushed’, people would have soon come to the realisation that they did live under a democratised dictatorship, that a means existed whereby they could control their political elite; and that consequently the forthcoming referendum could well have been held earlier and under conditions they specified.

Wherever one looks it now seems we are being led by the nose, consequently readers will know that I am of the view that if we are to be led by the nose, it should be we the people that did the leading.

Readers may be wondering if there is another context the heading to this article fits. Yes, having intimated that where democracy, truth, honesty and principle are concerned, we have come to the end of the line, the thought is germinating that possibly this blog is coming to the end of the line.

On that last point an announcement will follow during the course of the next few days.

26 thoughts on “End of the line

  1. “the thought is germinating that possibly this blog is coming to the end of the line.”

    That would be a great pity. You shred the lies and misinformation very well and in a calm and straightforward manner.

  2. David keep going at least until after the Referendum. To me that would be the logical time to stop, if that’s what you decide to do. However, if the vote is to remain in the EU I think your voice will still be needed.

    1. Thank you too for your comment – either choice has arguments for and against. I’m veering to one of the choices.

  3. I’m still awaiting the answer as to what has stopped you and your THA followers promoting the six demands?

    1. “.those who took over the idea first expressed here and, in effect, made it their own private property….”

      Niall, you created a company with yourself and Richard North as directors and then decided to ‘spread the word’ in a manner which has shown itself to be useless.

      Why should I or anyone else do your work for you and dig you out of a hole of your own making. I can but repeat acceptance of THA would have put the result of the referendum beyond doubt.

      1. I believe in getting THA as the sixth stage of Flexcit we have achieved something that will help the cause in the long run.

        That you don’t believe this and imply you could have done better to the point of making the results of the referendum beyond doubt is absolutely incredible.

        As a result I have to ask whether you have taken to wearing red underpants over blue leggings?

        And the reason you give for not promoting the cause, you say you believe in, is because you do not want to help me out of the hole I’m in. Surely the cause is bigger than any one person?

        I guess you have no idea how small minded this makes you look – but hey ho such is life.

        1. It is noted with regret that FlexCit appears not to be gaining traction among the political class or media despite the best efforts of Richard North. While the only hope of achieving such was when Leave Alliance launched their bid for leave designation, it is noted that this is not now going to happen.

          Had THA been promoted it would surely have gained traction among the electorate when they realised it afforded them a means by which their voice could be heard. That you fail to understand that surprises me not.

          Finally your comment about my underwear beggars belief and does but illustrate your juvenile thought processes.

          1. Further to my comment above, I note that Leave Alliance is to launch on 16th March after all – hooray for that! However, the remainder of the above comment still stands.

            1. The latest post on LeaveHQ states categorically:

              It is also currently our plan to seek lead designation, for the Leave campaign, from the Electoral Commission.

              I sincerely hope this happens. Don’t give up yet David.

          2. You have NO evidence and lack a sense of historical perspective if you believe there was a way we could have promoted THA more successfully.

            If you know the answer to promoting THA where is it?

            As to my comments about you being Superman you sadly prove you have NO sense of humour!

            1. Niall, I don’t need to provide evidence for my assertion, it is surely you that needs to show you made every effort to so do.

              What, for instance, happened to workshops and what did they produce? What happened to the ‘Advisory Panel’ or ‘Ambassadors’ that you were so keen to introduce?

              Please desist in resurrecting the Chartists argument – even the originator of that appears to have dropped it.

              You are the Director of THA, therefore you are the person to whom questions/criticisms can be directed. As Director, just what have you done and/or accomplished to promote THA?

              1. THA as you must know is largely a one man band which is not to knock yours and others continued contributions, via your blog and others to help keep it alive.

                That few, and in that I include you and others who comment on here, were prepared to take to the streets to promote the cause is something I alone could do little to remedy. As I’ve commented before you had a good idea to hold ‘village hall conversations’ which never, to my knowledge, materialised. Perhaps like me you have other priorities since moving to Seaham.

                Then of course I took over as facilitator of The Referendum Planning Group, now The Leave Alliance, after Peter Troy’s untimely death which has taken up a lot of my time.

                However the last 18 months have not been wasted as THA has stood in its own right with five others , including the CIB and BG, and is now the sixth stage of Flexcit which will be promoted during the forthcoming Referendum Campaign.

                Workshops and the principles of Ambassadors are NOT forgotten but we need willing volunteers to make it happen. A recent e-mail to 10 potential Workshop coordinators, who had previously expressed an interest has produced one response. As the saying goes you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Anyway I now think it sensible to await until after 23rd June before resurrecting this idea.

                Given that you appear to believe and imply that our cause only got started because of a few posts you wrote a while back on Direct Democracy I’m very surprised that you have not used your skills, which you seem to say you have, to promote the cause to a level which, you appear to believe, would have put the results of referendum beyond doubt.

                Personally I see no proof that you or anyone else could have done any better but for your own reasons you feel you can criticise the efforts so far without actually stating clearly your alternative vision and plan for THA. On this basis you will forgive me if I take your criticism with a pinch of salt.

  4. I do hope that you keep up the work, the more Blogs that tell us truth the better. We need all the good information we can get.
    I would miss your writings but good luck in whatever path you decide upon.

  5. David, I have followed you from the start – I am still guiding people, through my local newspaper comments, to Witterings on the subject of Ten-T and congestion charges.

    But, we have arrived at that referendum moment, and any voice added is a plus on the Leave side. I hope you’ll at least keep the acerbic posts going until the battle has been won or lost.

    I’d rather have a ‘warts and anger’ Scribblings than no Scribblings at all.

  6. David, I’ve followed you posting for a long time now without ever making any meaningful contribution but, at the age of 84 I think I know how you feel. I have now given up on ever getting back to a world that at one time made some sense to me
    A K Haart, who makes regular postings under his own name, summed it up recently when he described today’s world as full of: “Ignorant pundits, political apologists, professional liars, deranged activists and many more very suitable descriptions.” Read it for yourself!

  7. Having read about the THA on this site a while back now I have been waiting for a follow up, some indication of what’s happening, some leadership and now I discover it is FLEXIT when did that happen??. Don’t really wish to take sides here but it does seem to me that “the owners of THA” have failed miserably to get this to a wider audience

    1. Exactly! Having created a company, of which there are two directors, and thereby assumed ownership of it then you are right to state it has been a miserable failure on their part.

      It has been intimated that I and others should have done their work for them – I think not.

      1. As it is now clear that contrary to my belief that something was happening somewhere it apparently isn’t. I did a little trawl on the internet today.

        I found that THA actually has a web site, however apart from the re-iteration of the articles there is no link to anywhere where an interested person could sign up as it were. At this, arguably the most basic level there is a lack of direction / organisation too much talking not enough action it would seem, or maybe not enough people to take the load, but if there is no process to attract people and get them onboard it will remain ever thus.

        This is unfortunate because in some conversations I have had with people as regards Brexit I have had comments along the lines of ” well I think coming out of the EU is good BUT the one thing that puts me of is the fact that at least the EU is a brake on the bunch of idots in Westminster , if we come out Cameron and co will be able to do exactly what they like” A valid point to which my response has been well go and look into THA, a waste of time as I now realise as it is clear that there is not even a rudimentary organisation in place that may be able to offer a realistic hope of a way forward on this.

        David I read your blogs on a regular basis, they have done much to educate me on the EU and what is possible and what is not as regards exit and your long running war on Mr Cameldung (to use a nickname used by another blogger for whom I have much respect ) I have enjoyed immensly. I can understand why you may wish to desist, and that decision has to be yours however like others I feel that if you go it should be at the end of June your insights during the next couple of months will be valuable for many people.

        Regards Tonyd

        1. Thank you for this comment – as you know, I could not agree more.

          It is obvious that in questioning the lack of THA progression (for example), I am considered erratic, untrustworthy and a bit demented; see http://peterjnorth.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/its-democracy-stupid.html
          – and then blocked from any further comment.

          If anything resolved my doubts about continuance of this blog, it was that!

          It is also obvious that unless one accepts without question all that is handed down on tablets of stone from ‘Mount North’ one is ostracised.

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