Home Truths (4)

#4 – a question to politicians and journalists

Whatever we wish to achieve in the future, it must begin by knowing where we are in the present- not where we wish we were, or where we wish others to think we are, but where we are in fact.

Where Brexit is concerned the sooner politicians and political commentators realise the truth contained in the above, the sooner we will be spared what can only be termed their asinine outpourings on this subject.

The conflation, by both politicians and political commentators,¬† twixt membership of the European Union and access to the Single Market is not only boring, but also frustrating; and does only increase, among those of us who have an understanding of ‘matters EU’, our contempt¬† of them.

The latest examples of the foregoing can be seen in articles by Matthew d’Ancona in the Guardian and John Rentoul in The Independent – on both of which I have commented. As an aside, the responses to my initial comment on d’Ancona’s comment just illustrates how people can be misled by statements issued by those who are supposed to be all-knowing but aren’t –¬† and on such misinformation is public opinion formed. In regard to John Rentoul, he obviously does not appear – at the time of writing – to bother to review comments.

So, the question to politicians is: if you so obviously know not about Brexit (or other matter) just why the hell should we elect and re-elect you, or listen/read what are your ill-informed statements; and to journalists, just why the hell should we purchase, or read on-line having paid, in some instances, to overcome what amounts to a form of censorship, the newspapers for which you write?

Just asking………………….




One thought on “Home Truths (4)

  1. Oh dear, your last paragraph, looks to me as if you will not be supporting the Guardian even for just the price of a decent cup of coffee! I’ve concluded that part of the problem for both politicians and reporters is that they have nothing to do. To be fair to our PM she went to the devils lair but Merkel refused to have much to say to her. And I’m serious here, if our EU partners were more sensible then we would have begun talking by now. It’s all well and good saying, as some do, the PM has no plan but apart from yet more project fear there’s not much coming from the EU is there?

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