I did try to tell one idiot………

A couple of years ago, it may have been three or four – I’ve been to bed since then – at a Bruges Group meeting about membership of the European Union, I harangued  the panel (whilst I forget three attendees I do distinctly recall one of them was John Redwood) stating that I had never heard so much rubbish from four people who were supposed to know that about which they had spoken (which understandably went down like the proverbial lead brick).

One of the subjects I raised was that of air travel and the current rights of airlines to fly to and from other member states, making the point that if we just left the European Union without first negotiating access to those same rights, planes to European Member States, or overflying the European Union, would in effect be grounded.

Another member of the audience informed me I was talking ‘tripe’, that of course planes would not be grounded. Therefore I can but hope that individual has read this, a  subject that Richard North on EUReferendum.com has covered a number of times, on the last occasion here.

Much as I enjoyed attending Bruges Group meetings it became frustrating when it was realised that, besides the ‘panel’, a significant number of the audience also knew not that about which they wished to speak.

When we have politicians, media journalists and political commentators all pontificating on a subject – about which none of them exhibit any grasp of detail – or any grasp, come to that – is it unsurprising that the people are thus unknowledgeable on the European Union and Brexit?

Is there not a case to be made that politicians have failed in their duties as Members of Parliament by being unable to meaningfully contribute to the Brexit debate because of their ignorance – and I leave aside the wish of Members of Parliament not to ‘rock their party boat’, coupled with their wish to climb the political ladder. Is there not a case to be made that media journalists have failed to hold politicians to daily account, something that the people under representative democracy cannot do, yet have continued to ‘parrot’ political statements without question. As for political commentators (Booker excepted) just how or why the hell they get a monthly paycheck, heaven knows.

As an aside, when you read this – which must have one chance in heaven knows how many million of actually happening – one can but wonder whether querying if the same odds apply of getting a successful Brexit when we have politicians, media journalists and political commentators being ‘brain-dead’.



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  1. I went to the link and this –

    ‘By some ironic quirk of fate, however, the UK cannot apply to rejoin. The Agreement states that “enlargement” – as it would become – can only take place by invitation of the Commission. Therefore, the UK Government would have to go cap-in-hand to Brussels, asking the Commission to invite it to join. One can only guess as to the price that might be extracted’ –

    for me sums it all up. We may work hard on the issues but I sense many of the EU want to punish us. So it will be interesting to hear the cries of glee and, ‘I told you so’, if it all goes wrong.

  2. I went to one Bruges Group meeting.

    I got lucky: There was one guy I sat down next to, a quiet person who had broader reading of the EU who I got into conversation with and hence got something out of attending the meeting.

    The rest of the meeting, the panel was generally preaching to the choir stuff.

    In some ways I feel sympathy for the lack of critical independent debate within the group, because such groups as The Bruges Group have for so long had to not only contend with the argument itself but with the fact the status quo has been dictating what constitutes a rational position on the EU/Brexit and what is deemed “looney”.

    For so long, the status quo has performed this trick: I think there’s a good chance the energies unleashed will be useable to reverse against the status quo if such as Real Democracy can be explored by more people looking for a real alternative outside the usual status quo power grip.

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