Just whose voice counts?

War will never cease until babies begin to come into the world with larger cerebrums and smaller adrenal glands.

Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.
Herbert Hoover

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F. Kennedy

To take those three quotes in order, a few thoughts:

  • Is it a characteristic of our political class that they are born of a genital deficiency and are thus¬† unable to acknowledge that which is readily available on the web – ie, FlexCit)? With all their talk about limiting immigration; just why are they so ‘blind’ to the ability, within the EEA, of invoking Article 112 of that agreement, so they can limit that and so much more?
  • Where the declaration of war is concerned, it appears that the perogative so to do lies with Parliament and thus our political class. This begs the question just who does the fighting and provides the funds – the 650 of our political class. or the people – whether that be those in the armed forces or those that provide, by means of taxation or contributions thereof? Therefore should not the decision and thus the agreement to declare war, lie with the people?
  • That once the idea of direct democracy becomes more widely known – and thus the benefits of same – whereby the people recognise their ability to control those who have held us in their ‘iron grip’, thus ‘turn the tables’; are not the 650 and their acolytes not making violent revolution inevitable? Are they so dense they have¬† forgotten the lessons of history – some of that quite recent?

Our political class – and their acolytes – appear to believe they have the right to decide, through our system of democratised dictatorship, the make-up of the society in which we, the people, wish to live. I say there is only one group that can decide that – and that is the indigenous people of the United Kingdom.

Bring on Direct Democracy – and until a few other bloggers recognise that and the foregoing, they are p*****g in the wind! Witness those who would appear, only too happily, to anoint one who voted to remain in the European Union should become our next Prime Minister – not that her opponent is also qualified to hold that post. Which begs a further question: should, if we had democracy per se, the appointment of any prime minister not be that for a decision of the people?

Just saying/asking……….

4 thoughts on “Just whose voice counts?

  1. …..”It’s the economy,stupid”…..in fact it’s stupid economics ,dogmatic economist,and political parties who place the economy before democracy……”we have to protect the single market” ….they bleat and blather about the economy….”democracy can’t get in the way of our policies” say Dr Schauble….
    Globalisation and neoclassical/neoliberalism and economic free market fundamentalism is destroying our democracy, it denies us,infact all people, the right to govern ourselves….and it’s failing……. the question is can democracy survive the crisis of capitalism?
    We need the THA movement more than ever,time is running out,we are living more,and more in a post democratic,business managed world,this referendum should have been about democracy not protecting the single market,or having a wet dream about globalisation,IMHO unless we tackle the nature of our economy,we simply won’t fix anything.

  2. Democracy, I’ve been busy all weekend but they do say that great lummox Angela Eagle has spoken about the will of the people being important. This is the same person who thinks the Brexit vote should be ignored!

    1. She’s a politician, an opposition politician at that “swing with wind swing with the wind”!

      Interesting that she has not had one word to say about that swath of women known as the WASPI’s who have no pension, a subject which she should be able to use to make the government squirm but then they are not LGBT.

    2. in2minds:

      And therein lies political logic……….! What is the phrase I am looking for – oh yes, bird brain!

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