Laugh of the year?

I note that the Daily Telegraph now has a ‘premium’ level of access (£); however, there is a free level which affords users to one article per week. Having subscribed to this free access I promptly received an email from the Telegraph, part of which read:

Premium has been designed to provide exclusive online access to the highest quality journalism from the reporters and commentators at the heart of the story. [ ……….] Our team of award-winning writers, authorities and insiders offer you a unique perspective across all of the world’s most important stories……….. (emphasis mine)

‘Highest quality journalism’? If only……………………….

Afterthought: I exempt from my criticism Christopher Booker and, possibly, Ambrose Evans-Pitchard.



12 thoughts on “Laugh of the year?

  1. Sorry David not very technical, something like the link you have for Flexct,…..sorry David you appear to have one can’t have seen it, apologies.

  2. There’s an irony in the case of Booker – they regard his pieces as ‘premium’ yet won’t openly acknowledge any information he digs up. In particular in the past few years where his research and writing has been at direct odds to the message the Telegraph has been directed to beat on behalf of project Cameron.

  3. I don’t want a “unique” perspective on world events, I want an impartial, totally unbiased appraisal from contributors who know what they are writing about and can justify their position.
    Few and far between, wherever you look.

  4. The only things that made the Telegraph readable and relevant was the Brian Moore rugby column and the financial page with the up to date exchange rate (now deleted).

    1. The only reason I have been taking the Telegraph recently (I have actually been taking it for something like 60 years) is for the crossword.

  5. If they really think I’m going to pay to read their un-researched partisan drivel, they’ve got another coming. Only two are worth readying anyway, and that Booker and Heffer. the remainder talk out of their backsides. They’ve made two huge mistakes in the last 3 years, the first was taking the “Cameron, liberal progressive line, and the second was dispensing with comments. Fatal.

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