Letters to the Editor – for what good it does……..

The following has been submitted to the letters column of the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Guardian – not that I have any hope any of them will publish it……..

Dear Sir,

When the House of Commons Library produces a Briefing Paper (Number 07840 -19 December 2016) which purports to define, among other terms, the meaning of the EU’s Customs Union; and in the process gets it so spectacularly wrong, is it any wonder that we of the people that do have an understanding of what is needed to accomplish a successful Brexit, remain fearful of what our politicians might so do, in our name, during their endeavours – especially when it is based on such incorrect information? Where we have the unknowledgeable (House of Commons Library) leading the unknowledgeable (the politicians); is this not a perfect example of the blind leading the blind?

When the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, during his appearance before the Brexit Select Committee, confuses the terms “mutual recognition” and “regulatory convergence“; and it is not recognised and thus queried by said committee; should we not be even more concerned?


Just who are these people who insist on a voice in the Brexit negotiations, yet who exhibit a total lack of knowledge about the most basic of facts; but who believe only they have the knowledge to conduct what will be the most complex negotiation ever undertaken on behalf of the people of this nation?


That the information required to accomplish a logical Brexit is available on the internet, one devoid of risk to our nation, is unknown to those who profess to know and who refuse to acknowledge same can only beggar belief.


Yours sincerely,


David Phipps

(Address and Telephone Numbers supplied)

4 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor – for what good it does……..

  1. As the journalists won’t know what you are referring to it will be no surprise that you do not get your letters published.

  2. You should have been an MP – a very high quality classic MP. The nuance, succinct manipulation of accurate information to be communicate widely and broadly is very skillful and sane compared to the HS/BS that is served up by all (almost all?) the current xxx MPs serving. Expanding peoples’ minds instead of playing manipulative salesman/showman with them (all 65 million).

    1. It is extremely kind of you to think that, however I doubt I would have lasted 5 minutes in the HoC when one considers their faux politeness to each other.

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