Manchester -a personal statement.

The recent event in Manchester resulting in the death of 22 people and the injury of some 50+ more, some of whom were children, is, of course, not only sad; but also sickening.

Sickening not just because of what occurred, but sickening as a result of the platitudes offered by those who bear the responsibility for having created the conditions which allowed it happened.

Statements such as: our prayers and thoughts are with those bereaved; we will not allow terrorism to win; those complicit in the act will be brought to justice; Manchester will ‘come together’ and be stronger; a public vigil will be held in their memory, etc, etc, are meaningless¬† to those who died or were injured – or their families.

Has history not taught us that attempts to meld different races and beliefs into one people are doomed to failure? Have not such attempts resulted in wars of ideas? Such ‘wars’ are basically a clash of ideas which invariably result in conflict, said conflict resulting in loss of life to both the indigenous population and those ‘invading’. Invariably such wars are the result of political ideology imposed by those who have given no thought to that which they propose.

In this, our country, the doors were ‘thrown open’ to all and sundry in the name of ‘human rights’ and, more importantly, for political gain (think Nether?). I don’t recall the indigenous population asked if they wanted their society to be changed beyond recognition – they weren’t. The decision was imposed upon them, one could say by stealth, without their agreement.

Question: since when did politicians acquire the right to change the societal make-up of their nation without first requesting the agreement of those which they are supposed to serve? Answer: since the electorate no longer took any interest in their political landscape and that which was happening to them.  As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

As we all know, or should know had we still an education system of worth, Pandora’s Box is an artifact in Greek mythology which contained all the evils of the world. Pandora opened the jar and all the evils flew out, leaving only “Hope” inside once she had closed it again.

It seems to me that almost every time our politicians implement a policy it results in the opening of Pandora’s Box because they do not ‘think things through’, resulting in yet more evils being created than are negated. As a result, all we, the people, have left is the hope that things will get better; that a knight in shining armour will appear and rescue us from the nadir into which we have let ourselves sink.

It is a source of considerable wonderment to me that whilst we will go to extreme limits to preserve our families and their functioning, we do not show the same determination to preserve our country and its societal make-up, traditions or way-of-life.

Think ‘Animal Farm’ (in all its ‘variations’) wherein ‘Napolean’ assumed command(by various means) and instructed the animals how they should think and act.¬† Compare that scenario to today when we have 600+ ‘Napoleans’ informing millions of we ‘animals’ how we should think and act and at the same time informing us how the farm should progress.

Borrowing the ‘message’ of Animal Farm, is it not time that we animals (the electorate) informed our ‘Napoleans’ that ‘enough is enough’; and that henceforth the chain of command will be reversed?

Direct Democracy…. anyone?


2 thoughts on “Manchester -a personal statement.

  1. it has become quite obvious in my life time that those we elect do not act in our best interest, to have a vote every 5 years means nothing in being able to have a serious say on what we actually want or disagree with. You only have to look at our PM supposedly calling an early election to strengthen her mandate for Brexit and then trying to railroad a load of policies through on the back of that no doubt later to claim that the British public voted for said policies. I am all for direct democracy but how do we get those in the seats of power to relinquish it.

  2. After the murder of Lee Rigby soldiers were told to keep off the streets when in uniform, that was four years ago, why bring them back now? Also the name of the Manchester bomber had to come out via the USA press, our police and government did not what his name released, why? Last question, my local ‘vigil’ was organised by the Socialist Workers rent-a-mob, why was that?

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