Martin ‘Schulz’ himself in the foot?

Together, possibly, with the arguments of the ‘Remain’ campaign who continually maintain that if the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union it would become ‘impotent’ on the world stage?

Speaking to the European Council ahead of its meeting today Schulz said, amongst other things: With its foreign policy experience and clout, its open market policies and its trade and counter-terrorism track record, your country, Prime Minister Cameron, brings a lot to the table. Leaving to one side the point that the ‘table’ about which he speaks is not the ‘top table’, one has to question his reasoning.

If the United Kingdom has foreign policy experience and clout, open market policies and a trade and counter-terrorism record, then why should that not remain were the UK to be an independent sovereign nation? If ‘little’ Norway (no disrespect to that country) can exert the influence it does in world organisations such as UNECE, Codex Alimentarius, WTO, ILO, IMO, UNEP and a whole host of bodies few have even heard of, where the EU takes our seat and then negotiates on our behalf, just how much influence would ‘great’ Britain have on its own?

Methinks that Schulz knows this and is thus scared that ‘le projet’ may just be undermined by an independent United Kingdom acting in its own right on the world stage.

Schulz also said: One day all of us around this table will have to answer to how we as the EU dealt with the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. No, Mr. Schulz, one day all of you around this table – and the politicians of member states who have acquiesced to your dream – will have to answer to how you ‘enslaved’ the people of Europe. No doubt – and fortunately for those involved – they (the enslavers) will be dead and thus beyond the retribution of those who have suffered said dream.

Schulz and his ilk would have us believe that World War I and II were but European Civil Wars. If Schulz and his ilk continue with their dream, one day – and heaven willing it will be in their lifetime – they may find that the European Civil War III begins.

Then, heaven help them because they should remember the fate of Mussolini.

2 thoughts on “Martin ‘Schulz’ himself in the foot?

  1. No David heaven help us, the people,i have become particularly bored by this stale EU referendum thing,so its good to see you raise the point of round 3 of euro destructive madness. The reality is the people who were involved with the worst cases of inflicting misery and death on millions last time, got clean away with their crimes.The trouble is round 3 will become in all likelihood a civilisational ending event.

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