May we get a sense of perspective here – please?

No doubt, like many, I find the ‘faux’ eulogies for Martin McGuinness a tad misplaced if not a tad sickening. Condolences have been  expressed to his widow; yet I still wait to  see similar extended to the many, many widows and widowers  who were so created as a result of his earlier ‘career’.

Coupled with the foregoing, no doubt like many, I find the ‘witterings’ and ‘scribblings’ of our political class in respect of the tragic events at Westminster, likewise a tad misplaced if not a tad sickening.

Paraphrasing Patrick Buchanan (1992): ….there is a religious war going on in our country for the soul of the United Kingdom. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we wish one day be as was the Cold War itself………..

At this juncture it should be pointed out that Buchanan’s warning about a cultural war had been preceded 24 years earlier by Enoch Powell – no-one listened to him and no-one, it would seem, listened to Buchanan. As ye sow, so shall ye reap……..

We are asked to remember those who die as, so a result of this cultural war caused by the introduction of multiculturalism in our society;

  • just when were we, the indigenous people of this nation, asked whether we agreed with the policy of multiculturalism?
  • Just when was it explained to us the dangers that might follow by pursuing such a policy?
  • Just when were we asked whether, should x, y or z problem arise as a result of such policies, we wished to pay the price of the ensuing political correctness which meant that we would have no voice in the ensuing ‘troubles’?

Again, no doubt like many, I believe, as an indigenous member of the United Kingdom, that anyone is welcome in this land; but on the proviso that they know, beforehand, of our traditions and ‘way of life’. Having ‘done the research’ they then find a ‘problem’ prior to their arrival, then the answer is simple: don’t bother coming.

The European Union is very hot on multiculturalism and believe that all therein are ‘citizens’ of ‘one country’ – how odd it is then to witness ‘nationalism’ surface, in football, come the European Cup or the World Cup.

It is appreciated that this short article has only touched/scratched the ‘surface’ of a complex subject; but at the end of the day one question remains:

If a country is to be changed, if its traditions and way of life is to be changed, then should the people not be the ones to decide whether that should happen, rather than be subjugated, no doubt against their instincts, by political ideology over which, due to a form of democratiised dictatorship, they have no voice?

As always – just asking………..

As an afterthought, even the great evangelist of multiculturalism admitted that state multiculturalism had failed – out of the mouths of babes and sucklings……..


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