Meanwhile, here in Seaham………..

Stonehenge, as we all know, is in Wiltshire – well, anything Wiltshire can do……….

Where I now live there is ‘Seahamhenge’ (albeit on a slightly smaller scale, hence my name for it):

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The previous photograph is approximately 50 yards from our house, the garden of which – besides having an Escallonia bush –  also has a ‘bottle brush’ bush (or is that a tree?):

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 We have just purchased a canvas print of a photograph (which is entitled ‘Storm Surge’ and which is  ‘copyrighted’) taken in December 2016 when a winter storm hit the North East coast, bringing with it a tidal surge. The waves crashing over the lighthouse/harbour wall are, I believe you will agree, quite spectacular. Mind you, during the winter months (when the Gods are angry) it is a common sight – tidal surge or not:

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Another print that we have is of a briganteen leaving Seaham Harbour circa 1910. This one is of interest as the grandfather of Helen’s son-in-law was then one of the pilots at Seaham; and it would be nice to think that he was gainfully employed when this photograph was taken:

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 I post these photographs as a change from the political/Brexit ‘doom and gloom’ (subjects of which I am now sick and tired) that normally appear on this blog.

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, here in Seaham………..

  1. Interesting photos, David. You are also correct that it’s refreshing to leave politics aside from time to time.

  2. A man who is tired of Brexit is tired of life? But then there is all the mongering both for and against. The myth building and demolition plus hair splitting and all those facts, now who could live without that?

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