Meeting my Member of Parliament (3)

Having become a constituent in the constituency of Easington (registered this morning!), I have arranged an appointment this coming Friday afternoon with my new Member of Parliament – with a view to ‘introducing myself’.

Needless to say, besides letting Grahame Morris know where I stand on matters of democracy, Parliamentary sovereignty and the European Union, one of the first things I shall be asking him to do is ascertain from the leader of his political party where and when he mislaid his courtesy – I refer to my email to Ed Miliband at the end of November last year and to which I have not even had an acknowledgement; nor an acknowledgement of the ‘reminder’ I sent in early January this year.

As I shall also be informing him that it is inevitable he will no doubt be receiving some additional publicity in the local media – at every opportunity – I do so hope that when my allotted time ends I shall be leaving him a ‘very happy bunny’ – not!

7 thoughts on “Meeting my Member of Parliament (3)

  1. Greetings, neighbour!

    I am sure that you will settle in very quickly here. The natives are generally friendly, as long as you do not say anything disparaging about NUFC, SAFC or DCFAC!


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