Missing the boat?

With the news that it appears Theresa May will be triggering Article 50 on 29th March – a ‘major’ birthday and ‘wedding anniversary’, so  it seems May has a warped sense of humour perhaps? – an action of which it would appear she and her government are nowhere near ready as they have no idea of what is involved, nor have any idea of how they can achieve their stated objectives – the media seems more interested in the following:

In the preceding article I questioned whether the media was crucial to transparency in this country, commenting on twitter that it was most obviously not on past and present performance.

Our country is about to take one of the most momentous decisions it has ever faced; and all our media can do, it seems by comparison, is concentrate on trivia. Trivia it is because not one other political party has any idea of an alternative, workable, strategy.

For the last 40+ years both our politicians and our media have ignored the subject of our membership of the European Union; yet now both consider themselves ‘experts’ on the subject.

We are regaled by a Prime Minister who assures us she ‘may’ know all, but most obviously does not; a leader of the LibDems, Tim Farron (who is so ‘Farroff’ the subject that one has to wonder whether he is ‘of this planet’; and Jeremy Corbyn: no, don’t let us waste words on a politician who is so obviously ‘off this planet’ to the extent his party may have a ‘Watson’ but are obviously lacking a ‘Sherlock’.

That which is happening where Brexit is concerned is a Faustian Pact twixt an unknowing electorate and the Devil (in the form of a government). We, the electorate, may have tried to outwit the Devil, but we forgot to limit the powers of the Devil about that which was our decision – mainly because we were too damn ignorant.

As we sow, so shall we reap………..