Our Collie

Reverting to the article in which I said Helen and I had bought a collie pup, which we had named Fizz – because she did…….

On reflection I think we ‘missed a trick’ when naming her:

Perhaps we should have named her ‘Melon’ as in ‘meloncollie’ or even ‘Flower’, as in collieflower?

Just a thought…………….



6 thoughts on “Our Collie

  1. Beau.
    As in Beau-de-Collie. She could help Beau-Peep look for those errant ewes.

    (Sorry, but you started it!)

    1. Very good – I could only immediately think of two puns, so no need for the word ‘sorry’.

  2. Sorry, that should be “Coliseum” or Colosseum” according to wikipedia. I thought Seaham was more appropriate.

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