Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings……….

When looking at the forthcoming general election on June 8th, I have to ask myself: am I the only one totally bored with the run-up to the event, or even the actual result; because just what is the point of it?

What, exactly, are we voting for? What, exactly, will our vote accomplish? What, exactly, having voted can we do to change decisions made by the incoming government with which we may disagree, regardless of their hue? What, exactly, is the difference twixt any of the current political parties?

At this point it is worth revisiting the speech William Hague gave as a 16-year-old to the Conservative Party Conference in 1977; of which this is a snippet:

During this speech, this particular ‘babe and suckling’ said, talking about socialism:

.Every subsequent Labour government has encroached upon the liberty of the individual citizen. Every subsequent Conservative government has failed to do more than only marginally restore it……….They [the British people] do not accept the socialist argument that the government knows what is good for the people better than the people do…………but most of all they want to be free, free from the government, the government that they think should get out of the way, not intervene, not interfere in their lives.

I repeat the question: What, exactly, is the difference twixt any of the current political parties? There is none because they all think that the government knows what is good for the people better than the people do – and every political party, because of the in-built greed for power, echoes the cry that the people are sovereign – and then promptly ignores it.

Every political party would have us believe that they, forming a government, are the servants and that the people are the masters as it is the people that decide, every five years, which political party forms the next government. They omit to inform us that in the intervening five year period said government can basically do what the hell it likes; and that we, the people, can do squat-diddley to prevent them. This is democracy?

In the run-up to June 8th we are being presented with what might be called a dazzling array of manifesto ‘promises’, or ‘goodies’, including: free hospital parking, repeal of the hunting ban, cutting class sizes (think we’ve heard that before), saving the NHS (definitely heard that before!), axing tuition fees, raising corporation tax – to name but a few.

Manifesto promises are meaningless and are broken as necessary, examples of which are virtually endless; and more importantly those making said promises cannot be held to account by those who believed them and voted for them.  I repeat: this is democracy?

On this point, we are informed that various political parties will do this, that and the other; all for our benefit – and that it will cost £x million/billion pounds, via taxation. What we are not informed is how it will be spent and the cost per taxpayer. It has to be said that where general elections are concerned, it is akin to attending an auction, bidding for an item and then being asked for a blank cheque on the basis the amount will be inserted once they know the cost.

Not that William Hague has been the only ‘babe and suckling’; he has been followed by many, many others who likewise knowing nothing have scented an easy path to power, fame and the ‘adoration’ of a sycophantic media. Those about whom I write have been ‘babes’ in that they know nowt about anything; and ‘sucklings’ in that they have fed from the public teat all their political life and given we, the people,  nowt in return. Ye Gods, I have a Border Collie, not yet a year old, that has more intelligence than those who would have us believe they are the font of all knowledge.

Yet again, at this election, we are sleep-walking into a continuation of democratised dictatorship wherein we will vote for a dream – and dreams are just that: a fantasy of our imagination. In this regard, can anyone name one politician who has knowledge of ‘matters EU’, a knowledge of the origin of law, ‘global warming’ or ‘globalisation’? Just one will do……….

People, will you please attempt to engage that one faculty that lifts the human race above all others; and engage the power of thought.

As an aside it is noted that one blogger is seeking donations in order that he may continue blogging. Admittedly he is ‘asking’ for funding, rather than ‘demanding under pain of imprisonment’ as governments do. There is a similarity however: nowhere is it stated how much is required nor on what it will be spent. Bearing in mind the idea of ‘Referism‘ – an idea of which I am sure this particular blogger agrees, as it was first mooted by his father – can we see an estimate of how much he requires and on what/how it will be spent? What is sauce of the goose, etc, etc? Once I see that, I might just be tempted to put my hand in my pocket.


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  1. personally i dont understand why bloggers expect other people to pay for their hobby,
    especially when they abuse,block and delete readers comments….they are having a joke arent they???
    perhaps i should start asking for a commission fee for my comments!

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