Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings……….

Today’s edition of the CoffeeHouse Election 2015 Expresso round-up of such ‘news’ that there is of events leading up to 7th May reports that Ed Miliband castigates David Cameron for not turning up for the BBC debate this evening.

It quotes Miliband as saying: I think if you are applying for the job of prime minister, the very least the British people expect is for you to turn up to the job interview, as a result of Cameron’s refusal to take part.

When someone who is the Leader of the Opposition, is putting himself forward for the position of Prime Minister, receives an email from a member of the electorate as a result of a newspaper article he wrote and then totally ignores it, it having been sent twice – coupled with the fact that the matter was raised with his local Labour MP, who promised to seek a response from his party leader – then I believe Miliband should think twice about his choice of words when criticising an opponent for the job.

When the ‘job interview’ is an on-going process of 4/5 years; when the applicant writes newspaper articles addressed to the entire electorate;  and when one of the interviewing panel asks questions – then the least the applicant can do is answer them.

This article has been tweeted to both Ed Miliband (@E_Miliband) and Grahame Morris (@grahamemorris) with the question: Well, what say you?


One thought on “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings……….

  1. I have sent several e-mails to my “conservative” candidate, a former Council member. Most are based on the forthcoming auction, ooops election, but one was a local matter and I get a short message to say that he is very busy with correspondance from constituents that he cannot answer yet. I fear that yet again for the third time we have a non fighting candidate. As a Councillor he must know how bad the limp-dims are but refuses to attack……..memo from Cameron could it be?

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