Meanwhile, here in Seaham………..

Stonehenge, as we all know, is in Wiltshire – well, anything Wiltshire can do……….

Where I now live there is ‘Seahamhenge’ (albeit on a slightly smaller scale, hence my name for it):

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The previous photograph is approximately 50 yards from our house, the garden of which – besides having an Escallonia bush –  also has a ‘bottle brush’ bush (or is that a tree?):

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 We have just purchased a canvas print of a photograph (which is entitled ‘Storm Surge’ and which is  ‘copyrighted’) taken in December 2016 when a winter storm hit the North East coast, bringing with it a tidal surge. The waves crashing over the lighthouse/harbour wall are, I believe you will agree, quite spectacular. Mind you, during the winter months (when the Gods are angry) it is a common sight – tidal surge or not:

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Is there anything ‘original’?

As a change from the incessant political topics which now permeate the media and blogsphere, I pose the question incorporated in the heading to this article where music is concerned.

Those of us, of a ‘certain age’ well remember the film The Thomas Crown Affair; and from that film the song: The Windmills of your  Mind.

Back in the days when I ‘Wittered from Witney’ I wrote about how one tune, or a combination of tunes could – and did- lead to another (unfortunately due to time two of the links may be broken).

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Frustration at those who are ignorant

Readers may have noticed that output on this blog has been, shall we say, minimal of late. This is probably due to my fatigue at repeating content that has been posted previously and a realization that repetition becomes boring to readers.

However something on twitter caught my eye; namely this, which includes my response:

to which I added this further comment:

I mention the above as, in talking to someone this evening, the suggestion was made that should the current government make a ‘pigs ear’ of Brexit, it would be then necessary to begin all over again – which may well mean that Stage 1 and Stage 6 of FlexCit will make it necessary to combine the two in order to arrive at the decision for which the people voted in June last year – said combination which is sommat for which I have argued since its inception; indeed,  maintaining in the process, that Stage 6 should have been Stage 1.

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‘Crap’ Journalism – and journalists!

Media bias in editorials and columns is one thing. Media fraud in reporting ‘facts’ in news stories is something else. …The issue is not what various journalists or news organizations’ editorial views are. The issue is the transformation of news reporting into ideological spin, along with self-serving taboos and outright fraud.

If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.
Thomas Sowell

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Missing the point

When reviewing the output of our media, it is necessary to ask oneself on just what planet they live.

Without ‘trawling’ the media output – be that the BBC, ITV, Sky, or any of the newspapers, a snapshot can be found on Politics Home which advertises itself on Google as providing: all the latest political news, opinion, interviews and analysis from Westminster, Whitehall and beyond – of which, today, comprises this. This example is no different to any other day where Politics Home is concerned and but mirrors that of every other news outlet dealing with what are supposed to be: ‘matters du jour’.

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So it continues……..

The political spectrum today remains an argument twixt ‘left’ and ‘right’, with neither side actually arriving at the nub of the problem that belittles our society in general. Wherever we look in article after article, written by those who have ‘agendas’ based on ‘left’ or ‘right’ of the aforesaid spectrum, those articles omit the important fact in respect of the views of the demos.

They all inform their readership that there is only two choices they, the demos, have to make; that is the choice twixt ‘left’ and right’ and neglect to point out that there is another choice. The commentariat of both factions rely on the fact that representative democracy is the sole means of delivering democracy for the demos and seem blind to any other alternative.

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Agenda(s) – and ‘Stitch-Up’ of Democracy (2)

Following on from the preceding article, we today find yet another example of our politicians, in this case those in government, arranging a deal with another political party so that (a) the current largest party can remain in power and (b) a minor party gets a taste of holding the levers of power; the latter having agreed themselves a ‘bung’ in the process.

This ‘deal’ involves, so it is reported, £1.5bn of taxpayers money; and it has been agreed without any involvement of those who will be ‘footing the bill’. What kind of society is it that allows a portion of their hard-earned income to be spent (and increased) by a political clique over whom those that will be ‘footing the bill’ have had no say?

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Agendas – and a ‘Stitch-Up’ of Democracy

Those who followed my ‘witterings’ when I lived in the constituency of Witney, prior to my attempting to ‘scribble’ from the constituency of Seaham, will have noticed that my output has diminished a tad (putting it mildly).

The reason is one of simplicity; namely I have become tired of banging my head against the proverbial ‘brick wall’. Said ‘brick wall’ comprised my Member of Parliament in Witney  and, in a retrograde step, my Member of Parliament for Easington – although in the days ahead I will make another attempt with the latter. Needless to say, in mentioning the foregoing, I am talking about this nation’s membership of the European Union and ‘Brexit’.

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Garden Help

This photograph shows a bush in our garden, the name of which we know not and I wondered if any readers might enlighten us.

(click to enlarge)

The following is a close-up of the bloom in case that makes identification easier:

(click to enlarge)

Any ideas, anyone?

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Tired of waiting for you

Paraphrasing the lyrics of The Kinks, ‘you’ refers to our politicians, our media and the majority of the public who voted for Brexit.

For ‘starters’ I am tired of waiting for:

  • politicians who believe one can ‘leave’ the EU and remain in the Customs Union;
  • politicians who believe that the UK can leave the Single Market and the Customs Union and still trade with the EU;
  • politicians who believe that a free trade deal with the EU can be negotiated within two years (or less), when history shows us otherwise;
  • politicians who believe that membership of EFTA means having to obey all the rules of the EU without any say in their formation;
  • politicians who believe that membership of the EEA means being unable to control immigration;
  • politicians who appear to have no idea that the EU is but a middleman where the setting of global standards are concerned

In short, I am tired of waiting for politicians who know nothing of ‘matters EU’ to show an inclination to rectify their lack of knowledge on the subject; I am tired of politicians who believe they are Gods gift to the country when in fact they are the greatest curse our country has borne.

I am tired of a media who blithely repeat the statements of politicians without any thought as to whether what the latter is saying is true or not. I am tired of a media who, unlike any of the electorate, can hold politician’s ‘feet to the fire’ on a daily basis – but don’t.

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