Palace of Westminster: Renovation

We are informed that £billions needs to be spent on renovating the Palace of Westminster; a renovation programme which could last up to 40  years and cost more than £7bn, according to a comprehensive official report. We are also informed, by the Palace of Westminster website, that the Restoration and Renewal Programme has been established to tackle the significant work that needs to be done to protect the heritage of the Palace of Westminster and ensure it can continue to serve as home to the UK Parliament in the 21st century and beyond.

Just what is the point in restoring the edifice when the ‘core’ is rotten; and by ‘core’ I refer to the politicians who sit on the green and red benches? In years long gone parliament may have been able to lay claim to possessing a heritage as then it was filled with politicians who may be considered ‘statesmen; think Churchill, Attlee and Powell. Nowadays one is hard pushed to name one member of parliament who may be worthy of the title of statesman.

Politicians are a clique in that they introduce(d) rules from which only they benefit(ed); and did so at the expense of the pubic purse because they knew the taxpayers had no voice to disagree.

Within the political system politicians are ‘ladder climbers’ with but one aim in mind; namely to increase not only their personal power but also their earning potential  – and it is all done within ‘the system’, most often by the ‘largesse’  of the party leader at the time who, in turn, may well benefit from the leader of the government of the day; think, for example Jenkins, both Kinnocks, Mandelson,  Patten,  Brittan, Ashton and Hill.

When one’s MP can respond by letter stating that he is no longer prepared to continue corresponding with you (do follow the links in the first part of the article)  what price democracy? In this regard do consider that an MP is elected to deal with the concerns of his constituents, yet if that MP is a member of the government (be that as Secretary of State, Minister of State or even a lowly PPS) then they owe their position to adhering to government policy – digress and they face being made redundant. Any MP thus obviously on the ‘government payroll’ cannot truly represent a constituent – so again: what price democracy?

Currently we have MPs actively working to ‘de-rail’ Brexit, while conversely we have MPs actively working to hasten Brexit on any (and their) terms. When both sides  know not what they are stating and thus do not appear to have the faintest idea on ‘matters EU’, I must ask again: what price democracy?

Where democracy is concerned (and let us recall the derivation of the word; from the  Greek: ‘demos’ – people’; ‘kratos’ – power (from which we get ‘people power’), just where in our current system of representative democracy is ‘people power’? Can it not be said that politicians who ignore the wishes of the people, who in fact dictate what we can and cannot do, are arrogant?

Personally, with the current state of affairs in this country in respect of politics, politicians and democracy, it would be better to let the damn place fall to the ground. The resultant rubble should then be maintained as a memorial  to the self-important, self-serving, greedy, pompous section of our society that created the societal mess in which we now find ourselves.




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  1. I share your gloom, 40 years to restore The Palace of Westminster, what? We are also told we could be fighting the Islamic terror threat for a similar length of time. I know which one I would like the money spent on!

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