Richtig oder falsch?

Just demonstrating I am learning something at German class….. the title of this post translates as correct or false.

Just had the following twitter exchange with a rather well-known blogger:

(Click to enlarge)

This was followed minutes later by:

(Click to enlarge)

Now either a blogger I hold in great esteem exhibits a sense of humour, or we have an admission that he acknowledges the stages of FlexCit are, indeed, in the wrong order.

Welche von diesen beiden Summen ist die richtige? (Which of the two is correct?)

Just wondering……………………..

3 thoughts on “Richtig oder falsch?

  1. The only question I have in my mind is which is going to hit us first: A well screwed up and mismanaged Brexit or the arrival of the four horsemen (of the Apocalypse).

    1. Oh, the latter most definitely. It will be interesting to see who the four horsemen tackle first: the wrong-doers, or those that allowed matters to get out of control.

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