She said, He said – They said, We said, You said, I said……..

Dear Agony Aunt,

All elections, be they general or local, result in a ‘slanging-match’, in respect of which the title of this article is but a summary.

In respect of Brexit; yes we have a ‘slanging-match’, of which this is one such article and this is one such speech. Within the UK political class I dare anyone to name one member of the political class who has any understanding of ‘matters EU’; because there isn’t one. Yet on this paucity of knowledge, aided and abetted by similar of the media, is the electorate being asked to make a decision as to which political party they should vote. That is democracy in action?

Has one politician, especially our  PM, read the Commission guidelines…

The local elections in May and the general election in June is about Brexit because until that issue is decided – ie, how we leave and with what we leave – then the economics of what is being promised nationally can be of little consequence. Statistics and counter-statistics also get bandied about, likewise do ‘facts’, the source of which have been selectively chosen.

Under democracy, as we know it in the UK, are the electorate forced to place the future of their nation in the hands of those whose brains know not what they are doing. To observe, as we do, our unknowing politicians reserving for themselves the right to decide the future of our nation is a gross affront to democracy per se. That the British people through their acquiescence to representative democracy – aka democratised dictatorship – is akin, to quote Enoch Powell, to watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.

With representative democracy the party leader is all; and with an ‘acceptable’ figure head that party can ‘sweep the board’ – witness Blair in 1997. We now have Theresa May attempting the same trick – and on this point I think Paul Waugh has hit the nail on the head with his title to this piece. That title typifies the approach of our politicians, in that it becomes even more obvious that ‘Me. Myself and I’ is their only motive – regardless of their bleating that they are ‘in politics’ for the good of the people and to represent their views. Again witness politicians who have only gained ministerial office by adhering to the ‘party line’. When they do ‘rebel’ and are sacked, witness their scramble to become ‘acceptable’ once more by returning to the ‘party line’ in the hope they can regain their foothold ‘on the ladder’ of ministerial promotion – think Owen Paterson?

The lack of true democracy in this country stinks; and that obnoxious aroma will continue and increase until the people finally come to their senses and demand change. The problem is that while the people prevaricate, the stronger the hold politicians have and continue so to have, the time will come when the people may still be able to think but they sure as hell won’t be able to speak or act.

It never ceases to amaze me that while people believe their ‘home is their castle’ and therein ‘their word is law’ and therefore that which transpires in their home is of their choice (something politicians appear to condone), they seem to forget that their nation is also their home.

If they object, as they surely would, to an ‘outsider’ dictating how they should live/behave in one of their homes, why do they accept the constraints placed on the other by people they elect but over whom they have no real control?

**Puzzled from Seaham**