So it continues……..

The political spectrum today remains an argument twixt ‘left’ and ‘right’, with neither side actually arriving at the nub of the problem that belittles our society in general. Wherever we look in article after article, written by those who have ‘agendas’ based on ‘left’ or ‘right’ of the aforesaid spectrum, those articles omit the important fact in respect of the views of the demos.

They all inform their readership that there is only two choices they, the demos, have to make; that is the choice twixt ‘left’ and right’ and neglect to point out that there is another choice. The commentariat of both factions rely on the fact that representative democracy is the sole means of delivering democracy for the demos and seem blind to any other alternative.

An example of what I mean is this article by Rachel Shabi, one headlined: Voters are hungry for new politics – bring on a leftwing Brexit. Yes, voters are hungry for a new politics; unfortunately that hunger is not for more ‘left’ vs ‘right’, but a means within which the voice of the demos actually means something.

Writing in the same newspaper (the Guardian), Matthew d’Ancona begins thus: In Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, superbly revived at the National Theatre, the “world’s oldest living Bolshevik” poses the following question in the Kremlin’s Hall of Deputies in 1985: “The great question before us is: are we doomed? The great question before us is: will the past release us? The great question before us is: can we change? In time?” In time, the current political elite, encapsulating ‘left’ and ‘right” are doomed, eventually the past will release them and they will change because they will be so forced.

The problem facing the demos, or at least those who are only too well aware that there is (to misquote Shakespeare) something rotten in the state of the United Kingdom, is the realisiation that they lack the means to have their voice heard. We are all only too well aware that ‘money talks’; and it is money which is the catalyst needed to make their voice heard. What type of nation have we allowed to develop whereby the average member of the demos needs ‘readies’ in order to have their voice heard? What type of nation have we allowed to develop wherein those sycophantic members of the commentariat, based on their position of ‘left’ or ‘right’ can influence voting intentions of the demos? What type of nation have we allowed to develop wherein free speech, via the various forms of our media, is negated because of the political leanings of those in charge of said media?

Where the ‘society’ of this nation is concerned, it is not only the media that is to blame – some of those outside of the media but who wish for ‘change’ should also shoulder blame per se. I have received a ‘private’ email, rather than post the contents in the comments section of the article concerned (perhaps due to the fact the author is only too aware his response would have been ‘shot down in flames’) means that I’m afraid ‘private’, where this individual is concerned, is no longer valid.

I am berated that I have done nothing to promote The Harrogate Agenda (THA), or joined ‘the team’ behind it; and that I stated the Director of THA was in ‘deniall’ (pun intended), to which he ‘takes exception’ because I asserted that had it been promoted ‘actively’ it may well have affected the result of the referendum last June, countered by his assertion that it might not. Is it not illogical to assert it might not, when no effort was made to so do?

Much is made by he who is in ‘deniall’ that withdrawal from the European Union must take preference. For those who have read FlexCit, they will be only too aware that THA is Stage 6 of their ‘Plan’; this raises the question of which comes first: the horse, or the cart. As I have written previously there is little point in reclaiming our nation’s sovereignty only to return it to those who abused it in the first place by ceding it; and for it to be returned to those over whom, we the demos, have no control. Today, due to progress, it can be argued that whether the horse or cart come first is irrelevant as both have been made redundant – so the earlier question I also proposed was: why could not both the means of withdrawal from the European Union and that of Direct Democracy been promoted at the same time?

When a nation is in the grip of one individual or a group of individuals, then there can be no democracy per se. When the voice of the demos cannot be heard through what amounts to ‘state censorship’, then there can be no democracy per se. When the voice of the demos cannot be heard because they do not have the ‘readies’ to make their voice heard, then there can be no democracy per se.

For some time I have been praying that the funding I seek to ‘blow apart’ the grip of the few, which would also include enlightening the demos, will be forthcoming. Whilst not a religious man, I also believe that if there is a God and he believes in logic, fairness and democracy, then that funding will be forthcoming.

To return to the words of Tony Kushner, yes: the demos are doomed while present conditions exist; yes: with knowledge by the demos they can be ‘released’ from the grip of the few. Rather than rely on ‘divine intervention’ (which takes too much time it seems if history is owt to go by) then perhaps outright anger (pitchforks?), marches and demonstrations (even public disorder) might go someway to achieve ‘fairness’ and restore democracy to what was once a proud nation.







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  1. Do I understand the problem you posed? You observe a society in which some elites have thousands of times the economic power of others and wonder why the non-elites don’t have more say in what decisions are made. Is this what you are saying, seriously?

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