So, who can save the United Kingdom?

From this article comes the question above.

However prior to providing an answer to the above, let us pose another question to Tony Blair.  What is his answer to the the Pandora’s Box he opened with his half-arsed devolution programme in 1997?

Far to often we witness politicians making decisions for political gain, which have not been thought through; and which as a consequence, in time, then create yet further problems. By the time those further problems surface those who created said problem have since vacated politics and some other poor bastard has to clear up the resultant mess left behind.

Just who suffers in the resultant mess following decisions taken for party political gain – that’s right:, we the people. Where is MacMillan and Heath with regard to this country’s membership of the European Union? Where is Blair under whose watch this country’s doors were thrown open, ‘nether’ to be closed? Where is Blair, who conceded a reduction in our rebate from the European Union? Where is Major who railroaded Maastricht through? Where is Brown who railroaded Lisbon through?

Fortunately for the first two, they are dead and thus beyond public retribution; but  the last three – luckily for them, but unluckily for us, they are still alive – are also beyond similar retribution due to representative democracy; yet who are able to continue to fill their personal coffers, paid for, one way or another, from the public purse. In that regard why is ‘airtime’ still provided to, for example, the likes of Kinnock and Mandelson whilst no reference is given by the media of their subjugation to the European Union?

But enough of those no longer a part of the ‘ruling elite’, their spirit of vacuousness and stupidity lives on among the present day ‘ruling elite’; just consider those as thick as wood (be that ‘Red’, or otherwise) or another whose brain seems made of dough so thick that no living organism could exist within its ‘Baker-lite’ confines. We have an ex-GP who thinks that he can now conjure up free trade deals in less time than anyone can snap their fingers and an ex-employee of Tate & Lyle who seems to believe he can sweeten the most bitter of EU negotiators, while forewarning them he has no plan in place should they dismiss his ‘sugar-coated’ plan for a trade deal.

From my days at Witterings from Witney readers will know that I am quite fond of the saying of H Mencken – and on the subject of eduction he is reputed to have said that the aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all, it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. He was talking here about the education of children, but is also only too relevant when attributed to any government assuming office.

At every general election each political party offers the electorate a ‘new deal’ with their vision of how they intend to save humanity from itself – think Salvation Army. Like the Salvation Army they have ended up running the equivalent of ‘flop-houses’ and done little to preserve or bring peace and harmony. As no government has money of its own does not every election promise, by wannabe governments, an advance auction of stolen goods?

Mencken also stated: The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos; and in this regard we have such a man: he writes on – to little avail, it would appear.

The fact that this man appears to be banging his head against a brick wall is that ranged against him we have brain dead politicians aided and abetted by a brain dead media – and who both have erected around the little world they inhabit the brick wall our ‘knight of truth’, and  those of like mind, cannot penetrate.

In a tweet last night, announcing this article, I wrote that I would pose a question to which I doubted anyone would have an answer. It seems to me that we, the people, are encircled and thus tethered by a Gordian Knot – one which grows tighter with each passing day.

So my question is, barring the appearance of a knight in shining armour, who with one sweep of his sword cuts through the Gordian Knot, just how can it be undone?

Answers, not on a postcard, but in the comments please…………


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  1. Interestingly today, Dr. North pointed out a story about children and adults and a trick/lesson on the children to teach them a little bit more about adults.

    However, the question could be asked: How much do adults know about children – and as Dr. North pointed out: How much do adults know about being adults?

    Looking at your question and combining with the above: I think one of the biggest problems may be that politicians seem very detached from people (who they treat as children) and also don’t seem very experienced in the business of life (experience and expertise before entering politics).

    Then there’s the quality of the people (the children and the decline there too).

    1. …but Mr Warry the people could be ” arsed” and they voted out! All i see is endless project fear,especially from your man North,well this isn’t WW III is it? We aren’t going to end up like Syria or Libya or Iraq are we? No,instead there will be a lengthy period of economic readjustment, with the usual winner/loser process to manage from the elites.

      The biggest game changer in this whole tedious farse was the election of Trump,
      which will totally alter the direction of America,Britain and the EU. We should be thankful to our American cousins, because if they had voted for Clinton you would have got your wishes with the so called Norway option,however it wouldn’t have been a transitional phase to exit,but a convenient method of keeping Britain “in”.

      The trouble is virtually everyone sees this situation through the prism of trade,or should i say,making money, which just goes to prove the old saying that is ‘money is the source of all evil’! Its this obsession with profit and money making which has brought us to this juncture,an anti democratic obsession with globalisation and reducing barriers to trade,one of which is democracy and national sovereignty.
      What we actually need is a new form of economics,but i doubt if anyone in Brussels, Washington or Westminster has the intelligence to see this,instead all we are heading towards is a begger thy neighbour form of trade,which is what the PM
      has signed Britain up to.

      The PM and Trump are going to war against the EU, I’m not putting my money on the the EU coming out of this in one piece,no this is the end, so sit back and enjoy the spectacle of the liberal elite tear themselves apart,don’t even bother trying to be sensible about what’s going to happen,that time passed long ago,but you should have thought about when you campaigned to leave the EU!

      1. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil, money alone is a useful tool.
        While I’m here I’ll add another and it isn’t about a Gordian knot, ‘what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’, and what a web the deceitful EU has woven to catch us flies for the spiders of corporatism to devour, all with the complicity of a British government I’ll add.
        It’s now up to the people, and I doubt many would put themselves out to follow up on their X so the people will once more revert to the machinations of the people similar to those who put us here in the first place.

      2. In respect to David Phipps who has asked me to apologies I do so for saying you where not talking sense. However I found your response to my comments a tad provocative and so at odds to my beliefs and understandings about Brexit that I said what I did. On reflection we simply have very different opinions and views and I hope David will take the opportunity to challenge what you said above.

  2. I fear your ignorance knows no bounds as if you think North is involved in a continuance of project fear then you have an awful lot to learn. If you believe you are right then test your views on his blog EU Referendum.

    As to expecting any sense from the contributors of this site I should have known better.

    1. Niall, Totally uncalled for last paragraph – even Richard North gets comments with which he vehemently disagrees. In any event such criticism, using the words you did, I believe should come from the blog owner.

      I think an apology from you would be good.

      1. Funnily enough I was waiting for you to put ‘alwayswrite’ right so I apologies for jumping the gun and I trust that you will take his post to pieces as it deserves to be.

      2. ….yes David i agree, North does disagree with people on his blog which often results in blocking them and deletion of said comments!.

        1. The exchange on this particular post bares NO relationship or comparison to some of the disagreements on Dr North’s EU referendum blog. My apology was for implying that all posters on this blog didn’t talk sense. As I say I’m hoping David puts you right as much of what you said above should be challenged and just for the record as part of The Leave Alliance I always campaigned to leave the EU on the basis of Flexcit.

          1. …..i wish i could agree but if you look back over the EURef blog comments you often find the following;
            ‘Guest comment deleted.’
            which makes it difficult to follow sometimes.

            I know exactly what you did during the referendum campaign, i did enjoy your introduction of Mr North and Booker,at the launch of your leave alliance, however i think Flexcit has become an unhealthily fixation, and its obviously not going to happen,and since part of it title , the ‘c’ is to do with continuous development i would have thought the Trump victory would have been worthy of some deeper analysis than we have.

            Perhaps Mr North should devote some time and write a monograph on Trump?

            1. I’m a supporter of Trump and placed £50 on him to win the election!

              From what I gather Dr North’s opinion of Trump is that he will have little to no bearing on our Brexit outcome.

              The only workable show in town is still a Flexcit style solution and I have no idea how you can be so certain at this stage that it will never happen?

    2. …i would love to “test” myself on Norths blog,but unfortunately like so many others i am blocked!!!.

      I really do find it ironic that he now seems to allow a bunch of remain people to comment on his blog,only because they support Flexct,well so do certain Libdems but you would be literally mad to trust them!

      I suspect most of these people would almost certainly vote to overturn the result of the referendum given a chance.I certainly wouldnt trust anyone from the main political parties with the EEA/ EFTA solution, their motive for supporting the so called Norway option is because it is the least damaging thing to do until the time comes to overturn the referendum result and thus keep us in the EU, however this thankfully is becoming less likely, so it will be “hard Brexit” it couldnt ever be anything different, if the EU followed the Flexcit plan they would be creating a defacto exit strategy for all the other member states to follow, why would they do such a thing? ditto the whole UNECE thing, these are existential threats to the EU, therefore politically unrealistic, hence my comment about people acting sensible, its just crazy and its highly unlikely to now end well.

      I would have more respect for North if he started to consider the greater geo-political situation in the world especially the implication of the Trump election, i note you dont choose to comment on that, although its likely to have a huge impact in European affairs, probably as great as Brexit, if not more so, this is what a serious analyst would do, its what he once did, the only purpose of his blog is a justification for Flexcit, my point was, Naill, if you can be bothered to understand it, is its time to put trade in its lttle box,stop thinking the only thing that counts is making money and start acting like a democracy, which in a healthy system would have regulated and directed the economy to serve the people, and not the opposite. The fundamentals of our economy have obviously failed, oh didnt you once do something called the Harrogate Agenda to create a better system, me thinks you should perhaps go away and read your six point plan.

      Mr Warry if the people cant “be arsed”as you put it, then surely you and North have failed to engage with them and ‘your’ THA democracy project,so please dont blame the “people”, otherwise you will end up sounding like Clinton, you wouldnt want that, since you have little enough support as things stand.

      Mr Warry i remember you once said you wouldnt read this blog again, i suggest you do so and leave people like myself to express our opions without fear of being banned, bloked or deleted!!! once again i thank David for allowing us to post comments even though they maybe controversial, after all thats what a democracy is.

      1. You can dress it up however you like and try and introduce into the Brexit debate issues like the geo-political considerations of Trumps victory on the EU and Europe and attempt to discount the vital issue of trade but the facts remain, IMO, that the analysis and research done daily by Dr North proves that your considerations have little basis for substance or relevance in the debate.

        As to commenting on this site you are right that I did say I would not comment on it again but I find David Phipps does write some good stuff and so do still occasionally browse the site. You now suggest I should now leave the blog to your good self to, you seem to suggest, talk to yourself – how is that going to further the debate? That you were banned from the EU Referendum blog was entirely down to you as there are plenty of people who can disagree with Dr North, as I have done, but it is always behoven on individuals to ensure they can back up their arguments with facts. Quite rightly unsubstantiated opinions do get given short shift and if you cannot stand to have your views and opinions challenged then you are perhaps best left to post on here.

  3. From what I see here ‘alwayswrite’ has said the obvious, that politics is dynamic. Indeed it is! Hence much as some say there is only one true God, and the rest of the population are amused by this, we cannot other than smile when others with an overbearing sense of devotion suggest there is but one way to leave the EU. Juncker and Verhofstadt will make sure there is a calamity as often as possible and anyone who thinks that all we need to combat this is a double dose of intellectual rigour is daft.

    On the other hand people tend to focus on a subject or field of study, there being only so many hours in the day. So some write about Trump, or whatever they like, and not much else. This is cheered by their followers but others are annoyed. However, what I see being overlooked by most, but not all commentators, is the rise of Islamism. If you are worried about a hard Brexit then this subject will terrify you. Unless you truly blinkered by your own subject area.

    1. Islamism as we know it has grown from our need to create a form of global economic hegemony, we used jihadist in Afghanistan to destroy the USSR,and when the USSR/ Warsaw Pact collapsed we declared victory.We then said we had the ‘best’ system,TINA had won, someone declared the ‘end of history’,the free market and globalisation where,and still are the only game in town,although its becoming obvious that this current manifestation of capitalism is over.

      Today we support the same murderous people to affect ragime change in Syria, basically for capitalism, we sell arms to a country like Saudi Arabia for the sake of narrow economic short term interest, the same state which helps radicalise people in our own country, who then pose a threat to us or our European ‘ friends’, who also indulge in the same perverse behaviour,we do this because they are ‘trusted allies’!!! and also because thats how capitalism works.We destroyed Libya to prop up the petro doller and CFA African franc, again all to impose free market capitalism, oh and democracy,and we wonder why these people hate us,i wont even bother about our very own Afghanistan, or Iraq, more free market democracy propaganda.

      So we end up with a fixation about the market, a market system dominated by western economic ideology, an ideology which flattens the world , economically speaking.This isnt a system that respects democracy, or sovereignty,either of the people or states,and its because we have been brianwashed into thinking the market system will meditate, magically, all our problems away, that we find ourselves in this impasse, its therefore ironic that Mr North calls Flexct the ‘market solution’, shouldnt we try a ‘democratic solution’?

      We do all of this so we can impose ourselves and the system of free market capitalism, we can of course us less murderous methods to create this western system of control and monopoly such as TTIP,TTP or CETA, but even here time has been called, so no matter where one looks you see the same failure,the same lack of reality,The World Bank,IMF, OECD the EU, ourselves or the Americans have no answer to, at least the liberal econimic progressive elites have no real answer to the problem created by the true cordian knot….free market capitalism, hense my reference to the very reall need to sit down and decide what type of economy we the people want,as apposed to the one we get handed down to us. Trump, however, appears to have a plan,and i suspect its the one our current PM has signed up for, a kind of Reaganite/ Thatcherite 2.0 for the twenty first century.

      Its this ‘plan’ i am arguing we should look at, we should never forget that the EU was very much an American foreign policy creation, and it now looks like a relationship the American aren’t to keen on. Therefore its our relationship with America that will ultimately determine our future, especially from the geo-political perspective, after all its our commitment to our American cousins in the middle east,and the Anglo saxon form of free market capitalism that has done so much to help radicalise people.

      So i would argue its the perverse outcomes of capitalism, basically an unstable system which constitutes the greater threat to peace and our safety than islamic terrorist.

      1. There are indeed many problems in this world, some of which you highlight, but are you really say Brexit alone is not the biggest problem the UK has faced in a generation which if we get wrong will cause us a great deal of harm?

        Also would you not agree that it is usually best to deal with one problem at a time or else one is in danger of solving none of them?

        1. its no different to the early Thatcher years, she and Reagan tore up the post war consensus,millions in the UK lost their jobs,whole regions of the country became blighted and never really recoverd, i remember she called those who didnt agree with her as ‘wets’ i wonder how she would refer to you?
          Like i said they have a plan to return profit back to capital just like Thatcher and thats, that.

        2. Mr Warry the problem is the neo liberal free market economic model,sort that out and we can move forward, the problem is most people simply wont except this, hence we get a bunch of daft ideas about the top table…its not going to give us a better democracy or economy thinking like this,as Clinton said;
          ‘its the economy stupid’

          1. I have an accountant friend who fills me in on the Austrian school of economic thinking so I’m well aware that a financial crisis is waiting to happen albeit the ‘Powers to Be’ seem to work in conjunction with each other and so far have had an uncanny knack of keeping the show on the road.

            However, pending financial crisis apart, the facts remain that Brexit is a real live issue that needs to be resolved in its own right and addressing it is a very sensible thing to do .

            Do you not agree with this?

                1. Mr Warry, you would make a poor doctor, to busy faffing about treating a symptom instead of understanding the disease.

  4. Your point is a valid medical observation but since when was the UKs decision to leave the EU anything to do with the, long in coming, world financial melt down???

  5. Mr Warry all my points are valid,i hope you have a big mattress,as you’re going to need it to hide your money under in that up and coming melt down.

    Seriously though, why do you think Brexit will be such a disaster,its likely to be no worse than the early years of Thatchers time in terms of job losses,therefore whats a few million when we’re building the new Jerusalem? even if it was worsethan that,what would worse look like ?

    Well i suppose we could look at Cuba,decades of sanctions. ..its still there though,or Iran still there,or Russia….still there…you know as well as i do that countries are remarkably resilient,so why all the panicking, and doom and gloom?

    The trouble is you lot are like a bunch of school boys who dared each other up the high diving board and now your little knees are knocking because you daren’t jump. Have some guts man and jump,embrace the change,as for being in my regiment, well i don’t like cowards so i dont think it would be your cup of tea!

    1. I don’t see that being rude and describing me and others concerned about Brexit as cowards helps your case. You may think it makes you look tough but it just makes you come across as self opinionated and in flexible.

      My point is very simple – yes there are a number of problems in the world and the UK to sort out but Brexit is certainly one of them and high on the list to be resolved.

      What Dr North has revealed is that Brexit need not damage our economy if we leave it in the right way. So I do not accept that we should just take the hit, which you believe will be no worse than the necessary hit we took in Thatcher years. On this point I think you very wrong and blinkered.

      Have you read the 400 page Flexcit download and if so what do you disagree with?

      The problem I’m focused on, for the limited time I give it compared to Dr North, is Brexit and in particular to avoid the self-harm Brexit that is currently on offer through the complete ignorance of our political elite.

      So why the animosity to my position and your superior tone that only you are the enlightened one around these parts?

      1. yes i have read flexcit,and what always struck me as bizarre was the inclusion of THA since the auther of flexct appears to have given up entirely with said democracy movement,THA really represents nothing more than an appendix, in a long winded paper which looks more like a party political manifesto, all be
        it one without a political party to back it up, or vote for! flexcit had its chance and it failed to gain traction, personally i believe the reality of the EEA/Efta exit strategy we be virtually impossible to sustain politically speaking and the temptation for a future government would do a sneaky and take us back in, or do you suggest i should trust westminster?

        i do apologize for my tone, however as we are two former soldiers i thought you more robust in dealing with a bit of banter.

        1. Apology accepted as I did feel being described as a coward a tad OTT and outside of general banter. I do not know who you unless I can assume you are the soldier who was directly involved in THA in the very yearly years – I seem to recall, if you are he, that you were in the Light Infantry? if that is you then there is a chap with the same name who writes a lot of sense on Dr North’s blog – if that you as well?

          As I say below, in reply to In2minds, it is still not to late for the Flexcit option to take traction and I strongly disagree that there is any other workable solution in the time available of the two years Article 50 gives us. If at first you don’t succeed you surely try try again.

          As to THA I still keep the pilot light going and as I said right at the start of this thread, in answer to David’s question, however much time was spent in promoting out agenda it will not take off until the people get behind it. AS David about the success of his Direct Democracy initiative if you believe there is some silver bullet.

          1. Agreed it was OTT,but sometimes i just cant help myself, no I am not the person you are referring to,and i think for the sake of peace we should agree to disagree.

            1. I agree we should agree to disagree and await the unfolding saga over the coming months.

              I also said this below!!

  6. Not only is politics dynamic but multi-faceted too. It’s not practical politics to concentrate on one thing and let all others go hang. Just days ago we saw an example of this when most of government was looking one way and Hammond messed up the taxing of the self-employed. And no doubt when our attention is taken on another thing Erdogan will start sending ‘refugees’ over to Greece. The very idea we can make a list of things to do then with reverence and devotion follow it to the sunny uplands is foolish in the extreme. It’s pointless to make a rigid list and not see leaving the EU as a recipe, there can be variations. There is no such thing as the one way or the best way to leave the EU.

    1. agreed, flexcit had a chance, it didnt gain traction,and the rest is history,as such i dont understand the obsession with it.

    2. As to doing more than one thing at once of course we should but I hope you might agree there is nothing wrong with prioritising the order to tackle them.

      As to writing off Flexcit as having its day and suggesting there are other equally good options I partly agree on the first point but completely disagree on the second. I believe the Flexcit approach or more directly the Efta/EEA option is the ONLY practical option in the time available and if you were or are a reader of Dr North’s EU Referendum EVERY day you would by now have to come to the same conclusion. So the battle goes on as our government doesn’t yet have a plan let alone a workable one and so the sales pitch on Flexcit goes on.

      1. There is no plan how could there be one? this now a negotiation,and as such i dont blame the government for keeping its cards close to its chest.

          1. Ok i suggest we rendezvous on this position in two years time for a full
            sitrep…..over and out!

  7. With the ongoing ‘war of words’ twixt Niall Warry and alwaysright, one can see – and have some sympathy with their individual views. However, as it now seems they have both decided on a ‘truce’, I am closing comments on this thread.

    While other factors (ie, Trump?) will no doubt affect the future of our nation, overriding that – and initially therefore of more importance – is that of Brexit, Brexit is of such a complex subject that our nation’s profit and loss account must, initially, come before anything else.

    Bearing in mind the subject of trade, in all its forms, is the factor which means the profit side of the argument is more important than any loss, where our nations finances are concerned – and bearing in mind that any such ‘deal’ to access the EU’s markets affects the profit aspect; then I have to come down on the side of the argument that must mean EFTA/EEA is the only option that ensues our nation’s continued well-being.

    It should be said that while I do have disagreements with Richard North – and some of his ideas, especially where the stages of FlexCit are concened – where Brexit is concerned there is only one option: EFTA/EEA.

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