Sparta vs The Athenians

The Mail reports on a speech by the President of the European Commission , Jean-Caude Juncker; made today at The Hague – the original text can be found here (for non-speakers, try Google translate).

Juncker rubs salt into Cameron’s wounds when he states: …….but also because he was so happy that we have helped him to get to grips with his problem, his self-created problem. Yup, a self-created problem for Cameron because at the outset he promised so much where renegotiation of the UK’s terms of membership of the European Union were concerned; and ended up delivering so little – in fact, he delivered nothing of substance.

One suspects that Cameron now rues his public opposition to the appointment of Juncker as Commission President, following the remark above by Juncker. One can be forgiven for believing that Juncker had been waiting for his revenge and now saw his opportunity to put Cameron ‘in his place’. Still waters do indeed run deep. We are also told that ‘many a true word is spoken in jest’ – if ever that saying was proven untrue, Juncker just did it because I defy anyone to believe he spoke in jest.

One can draw a parellel with the Spartans: David Cameron(Sparta) promised to protect the liberty of the UK against the Athenians (Brussels) and the suppression that the UK had experienced at the hand of Brussels. Cameron hails his renegotiation as the beginnings of liberty from the EU; but Cameron, in common with all our political elite, is not suited to the task of protecting liberty as, like Brussels, he/they only believe in rule by force. If they did not then direct democracy would prevail in this land.

With a bit of luck Juncker may just have torpedoed Cameron’s hopes of winning the forthcoming referendum – unfortunately Vote_Leave, and GO will not have had their hand on the firing button.