Spending other people’s money

That is dead easy, especially if the other people have no real say on the matter and they are not informed of the true cost of a programme it is intended be implemented.

First, though, a little digression. Angela Raynor: When I became pregnant at sixteen……  (source). Well Ms Raynor, had your mother and you had a good education, you would have  known, at 16 years of age it is a good idea, to be quite blunt, if girls kept their legs closed.

Sure Start: a programme with the aim of “giving children the best possible start in life” through improvement of childcare, early education, health and family support, with an emphasis on outreach and community development (source). When standards of education has been reduced to the point where public money is being wasted; and  has so been done over decades purely for political idealogy, is it any wonder that parents do not have, or seem to have, any idea abut ‘parenting’, coupled with children being taught about ‘personal responsibility’?

To provide an example about present day education, I have recently gone back to what, in my day, was termed ‘night school’ but is now, I believe, termed ‘further education’ in order to learn the German language. Approximately half an hour of the second lesson was taken up with a talk about ‘British Values’, which encompassed topics such as Equality, Racism and Equal Opportunities. We were informed by our tutor that this was a requirement of Ofsted. After a few minutes this turned into her personal view about the recent German Federal Election, focusing on the gains made by the ‘far right’ AfD. Now, I have paid ‘good money’ to learn the German language, not to listen to Government brainwashing nor about the politics of Germany.

Anyways, back to Ms. Raynor. This member of our ‘democratised dictatorship’ informs us that she would ‘give’ £500million per annum to a programme designed to rectify the shortcomings in another programme? Not content with that largesse, she then pledged a further £10million on providing sanitary products for teenage girls in secondary schools who cannot afford to buy their own. This suggestion is to alleviate what is being termed ‘period poverty’. Just what is the additional cost of the admin to support this?

Ms. Raynor is not content with burdening us with yet more taxation, she is unhappy with the lack of BME teachers in education. According to the NASUWT, some 68,000 teachers from BME backgrounds must be recruited to reflect the proportion of ethnic minority pupils in English state schools. The cost of this, per annum, would be? If her party had not, so to speak, ‘opened the floodgates’???

When will the electorate rebel against having their ‘pockets picked’ to rectify the holes into which politicians have, both politically and personally, dug for themselves?

Just asking…………


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  1. Education; you may have been taken aback by the goings on, the personal view of the teacher etc, but I was not. This is modern education from the first years to university.

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