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First the meeting with the SVP politicians on Thursday went well despite the language problems (even with a translator present) and I will report further on this on my return to the UK.

In the meantime more on the holiday aspect of the trip. Yesterday Helen and I took a four and a half hour boat trip to Interlaken West on the Thunersee (Lake Thun) on the Berner Oberland and enjoyed a superb lunch – accompanied with the obligatory glass or two of wine.


The boats that do this trip stop at various points on both sides of the lake for those wishing to get on or off. One of the boats that do this trip is an old, presumably converted, paddle boat:


As might be expected the views from the water are stunning along with the architecture, an example of which is Schloss Schadau located in Thun on the edge of the lake:imageWhen we arrived back in Thun, on disembarking we saw this coach (complete with folding canvas sunroof – anyone remember them?) waiting for a group who had been on the boat:


Today we visited Schloss Schadau which is situated in a most beautiful English style park and contains many floral beds like this:


A popular sport in Switzerland would appear to be hang- gliding/para- gliding and when conditions are conducive we have seen about six such launching themselves off the top of this nearby mountain (Niesin) of an evening, which isĀ  2,362 metres in height – there is a cable car, needless to say:


A few other immediate observations about this beautiful country: as we know it is clean, rubbish bins are ‘in abundance’ which include ashtrays and those smoking will carry their cigarette ends to the next bin rather than just toss them in the road or on the pavement; we have not seen one obese child ( they either walk or cycle to school); and graffiti is virtually non- existent (and what there is seems to get cleaned off within 24/28 hours). The other notable facts are that we have only seen three Muslims (heads covered but no facial covering; and two of dark- skinned descent (although to be fair we have not visited the likes of Basle, Geneva, etc. Every one is polite and this weekend it is obvious that leisure time is a family event.

Enough for now – more to follow before we leave Tuesday at ‘crack of sparrow’.


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  1. Many, many years ago I was travelling in France and ended up on one occasion in a railway station that was half French and half Swiss. Someone may be able to confirm that this is actually the case and not a figment of my imagination! The point that I remember is that the French half was dirty and unkempt whilst the Swiss half was clean and proudly maintained!

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